Married Muslims, What Do You Love About Your Spouse? 25 Wholesome Tweets to Brighten Your Day!

Heartwarming tweets that show a few glimpses into Muslim marriages. Don't forget to say Masha'Allah and pray for them!
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Every now and then, on Muslim Twitter, you’ll come across some amazing gems that really make your day. Here’s a thread we enjoyed, courtesy of @Bariiiiiq who asked, “Muslims who are actually married, can you respond or QT with what you love about your spouse and why you’re happy – I’m tryna see something ?”

Scroll down to see some of the heartwarming tweets that show a few glimpses into Muslim marriages (including one from yours truly about his better half). Don’t forget to say Masha’Allah and pray for all the couples!

1. “He is kind, caring, and an amazing father to my children. He restored my smile and buys me donuts!” – @NotACobblepot

2. “Her gentleness, her strength, her self-sufficiency, her drive, how cultured she is, how she genuinely cares, how selfless she can be, how respectful she is, her brains, her beauty, her deen, her family, her patience, her support, her motherliness, her companionship. I could go on” – @__abshir

3. He is my peace, my soulmate, my best friend, my biggest support system, he literally makes everything easy for me. After we finish praying he never fails to turn around, kiss my forehead and make dua Allah grants me Jannah❤️” – @Jijaa_x

4. “She was like the missing puzzle piece in my life, don’t think a more perfect person could exist” – @msk35023

5. “I lov him b/c he’s gentle, humble, compassionate & silly with me. Takes care of me,his family & my family.Allows me to be myself and encourages me to grow in the way I want to.Never shames me.He reminds me of the Prophet (pbuh). His soul is pure, &he shows his love thru actions” – @YousafAmbreen

6. “I love how much she cares. Not just about me but about everyone around her. I love how happy she makes me. I love how patient, kind, forgiving, and supporting she is. I love how silly and happy she is. I love how she keeps me in check and makes me a better Muslim. Say mA ?” – @banuadan

7. “my husband works night shift so in the mornings he helps me prepare my lunch for work and packs everything for me in my bag and warms up the car and makes sure everything is ready to go before I leave & then walks me out to my car. My favorite part of my day ??” – @xxara__

8. “Because she’s my safe, free from anxiety, comfort blanket. Alhamdulillah. And 16 years married mA. But it’s almost impossible to describe what a good partners qualities are in a tweet. When you are good together that’s a blessing. The work is maintaining it.” – @Mgarfy

9. “He’s home. And the person that helps me stay calm with all the anxiety I tend to live with. The absolute patience&kindness he has with me that I genuinely never thought was possible for someone to give another person. (this is such few things cos a tweet is definitely not enough)” – @ladymascara_dxb

10. “My wife is a wonderful mother to our three children and she puts up with my shenanigans, she is a good listener, she loves the Quran and we both truly love each other. Praise Allah.” – @AbuAminaElias

11. “I love how incredibly loyal he is, a true family man & a person whose commitment to Islam is sincere. He works hard, looks after himself & takes pride in his appearance no matter what day it is.” – @juway_riyyah

12. “I’ve been looking for something to write to this but I’ll tell you what it would take a super thread to list all the reasons I love my wife, there just are not enough characters on twitter to even start. Blessed beyond words she chose me Mashallah” – @CerieOfficial

13. “He’s cute when he’s excited about things looool. And also we both work all day then meet up at night in the living room to watch (sometimes lame but fun) tv shows and it’s the best part of the day” – @cadillacmuzicc

14. “She runs around in my head all day rent free” – @twitt3rmitch

15. “Every morning before my husband leaves for work he has a habit of kissing my forehead and he tries to be quiet to not wake me but most of the time im lowkey awake waiting for it” – @SereenSuleimann

16. “She is the most caring person I’ve met and literally goes out of her way for everyone. She supports me in everything I do and I try to do the same. Praying together daily is also a highlight no doubt, alhamdulillah. ?” – @shabbirhsn

17. “We pray together and we love going out to try new food places every weekend ? and he buys me roses for no reason” – @sxnaaa11

18. “She motivates me.” – @FuadAlArusi

19. “The way I always catch him looking at me with the biggest smile on his face. Makes me feel I’m the only one that matters & I can do anything in the world, and completely safe. He’s my rock.” – @XamdiTaako

20. “Well now she’s in my life, I can finally write love poems ?” – @Akhi_AbuBakr

21. “To my husband there’s no such thing as that’s a “woman’s job” he helps around the house and takes care of our son as much as I do. It’s 50/50, that’s how a marriage is supposed to be and that’s how it lasts. Simple empathy!” – @SharminaraH

22. “She has high levels of patience and understanding. And what gives me greatest comfort, is that I’ve never seen any hint of malice or selfishness in her character. A genuine good human being that I know won’t do anyone wrong ?” – @huricaenV2

23. “The way he will kiss my forehead when he steps out of the home or first thing when he enters, or kisses my hand to ask for blessings, how he is genuinely the kindest soul I have come across, that his love has always felt like an answered prayer even in the darkest of times” – @mariahsudi

24. “She can always make me laugh, calm me when I am anxious, be my bedrock through thick and thin, and inspire me to be better when I see her devotion to God, her parents, and my parents.” – @ArifAKabir

25. “Because he eats the crusts of my sandwiches and the edges of pastries so I can enjoy the good stuff.” – @FarzanaAlMauzah

We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did! May Allah bless you and all of these couples!

“Allah bless each and every quote tweet the longest and most sweetest union forever more ?” – @m_riy_h

Share in the comments below which one was your favorite and if you have a story to share too!

Arif Kabir is the Founder and Director of MYM. He loves to read, design, and spend time with his wife and family. He has a Master's in Human Computer, completed his Qur'anic memorization under Sh. Muhammad Nahavandi, and works as a consultant in product management and UX design. He writes for MYM to contribute to the growing collections of Islamic English literature and to inspire fellow Muslim youth.

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