A Guarded Flow

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I’m locked in a box – can’t think about the world outside

Without thinking about the world outside

Wide beyond me

But locked inside me



Within myself to think of the legacy that haunts my people

I look off from the steeple


The river banks shuddered under pressure from the rudders

The conquest by the rubber flubber of the White man like clubbers

Enjoying life and progress like an anti-Sabbath

With no regard for the rubble left behind, all calloused

Time passed, the land was conquered, the people put in cages

Shackled crackled left unspackled, as the future came in stages

Parking boats, building mills, creating dams to stop the power

Building moats, creating stills, parking the conquered in the sour

All an effort to create a thing hidden behind a wall

As if being hidden from view would make one impervious to fall

Pitter, patter, spittle, spattle

A history that confuses, abuses the noose, though loose,

But chartreuse-sounding news caused shatter

Because the walls fall down, on the inside, looking to the far side

The rubble is trouble as the fear bubbles

Because now you see the grass and the air

In your hair that came from out there

So you walk to the ledge and you want to jump

You’re pumped up but too stumped

To make a responsible decision, in this condition

Where you can’t get enough

So you just look up

Walk forward

I guess it’s

Time to say


Always an advocate of North Texas, Aabid grew up in the DFW suburbs of Grapevine and Euless. While in college, he developed an interest in spoken word and written poetry and competed in competitions with MSA Lone Star Council as well as through on campus organizations at Southern Methodist University. After graduating with a BBA in Business Management and a BA in Philosophy, he transitioned into a career in Technology Consulting, where he helps government clients implement systems to better process applications for their healthcare-related programs.

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  1. Salaams, both the delivery and the actual wording were beautiful. Dude that last part was a cliffhanger. Rapping and spitting bars about not only history but also lost history.

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