A Month To Eternity

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My heart is a wreck,
Iman equivalent to a speck.
I feel as though I stand in prayer alone
When they claim Islam is outdated, outgrown.

For eleven months, I have waited for this time
When I am not the only one experiencing the sublime.
Then comes a new moon like a dream,
And the world sings, “Ramadan kareem,”
I pray so sincerely for the light to stay past thirty days,
These moments believers spend reciting His praise.

Those that have never prayed the entire year
Fall in prostration when the month draws near.
Those that never cared have a glow in their heart,
And nothing can cause this feeling to part.
Chained and locked away, the devil no longer whispers.
Islam spreads through the hearts of my brothers and sisters.

A month in which believers don’t feel out of place.
As everyone is worshipping and practicing, they taste
The serenity and peace that are harbored in their minds,
A feeling many search for, but only some can find.

It may just be a month in the year for this feeling to last,
But it is a beautiful time, so don’t judge people by their past.
For a month may become a year, and a year eternity,
So while evil is locked up, set yourself free.


Ramadan is a month celebrated by Muslims all over the world – by those who practice Islam in its entirety and those that do not. There is a feeling that arises in our hearts during Ramadan that is not felt in any other month – a feeling of peace and serenity felt by all who worship. All Muslims look forward to experiencing this month. Oftentimes, the blessings of this month extend beyond and influence a person’s entire life. We never know who will come out of Ramadan a changed person, and all of us should try to change ourselves rather than mocking those who pray their first prayers in Ramadan. The mercy of Allah is endless and His miracles are unfathomable, and He guides whom He wills.

Mariam is an undergraduate student at Towson University studying Physics and Electrical Engineering. When she’s not going crazy playing with facts and figures in her head, she tutors children at a private tutoring center. If she ever is lucky enough to have some free time, she prefers seeing her humungous extended family or enriching her soul with worthy knowledge. MYM is a light of hope for her that she might be able to dispel her thoughts in an orderly fashion.


  1. Fatimah Waseem Reply

    I love the last few lines. Let’s hope this month can unlock an eternity in Paradise.

  2. Love it! Favorite lines were “Chained and locked away, the devil no longer whispers. / Islam spreads through the hearts of my brothers and sisters.” In my head, I pictured the waswas of Shaytaan morphing into happier thoughts of positivity and… Ummah-ish-ness, can I call it? Good work masha Allah. Can’t wait for your next piece. :)

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