A Special Invitation

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For many years
I have held
a special invitation
to speak with You
in the pre-dawn
absence of light
as the stars
watch me beg 
You for help
every night 
I stand and ask
for every need and desire 
that comes to mind
But today 
by the light outside my window
I know I’ve missed
my time with You

Sunrise encroaches
as pink and orange hues
paint a sky
I’m unfamiliar with
I’m used to meeting You
in the dark of night
I’ve missed the silence, 
the black sky, 
the sparkling stars
I miss knowing
no one heard me 
but You

I now feel incomplete
having started a day
without our meeting
My head to the ground 
I beg Your forgiveness
for I am nothing 
without You

waking up was easy
my invitation lays crumpled
under the weight of sleep
In the shadows of my room
evil hides
pouring into the corners 
of my heart 
crowding my mind 
they keep me
from You

Please forgive me
Ya Ghuffoor
I have let you down
once again
You called me to rise
to meet You 
during the nighttide
just to discuss 
how the day might go

Instead, I failed
ignored Your call
I’m now leaden with guilt
having sullied the honor
You once bestowed 
upon me

I watch the light 
seeping in
contradicting the darkness 
in my heart
With immense effort
I leave my bed 
its deceptive comfort
replaced with remorse 
All I ask 
is You invite me back 
another night
to connect with You

Javheria developed a passion for literature at a very young age. Her mother started reading to her long before she was born, naturally fostering Javheria's interest in the written word. Raised in Mississauga, Javheria earned a B.A. in Professional Writing from York University. With a goal to inspire others through her words, she is on a lifelong journey to become a bestselling author in both fiction and nonfiction. She continues to live in Mississauga with her mother and two cats.


  1. This inspired me to set my alarm for tahajjud tomorrow. Talk about a sadaqah jariyah for anyone else who reads! May Allah ﷻ reward you!

  2. MaShaaAllah, that’s an absolutely awesome poem.
    May Allah allow you to continue to share your gift with the and the Ummah…Allahumma Ameen

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