All Alone

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MYM features a piece by Ibrahim Jimoh, an up-and-coming author from Nigeria!

When things seem hard,
And your voice goes unheard,
When all roads seem dead,
And all the blame is on your head,

When dreams are locked,
And hope feels blocked,
When day seems like night,
And darkness shadows light,

When patience seems not enough,
And you no longer can stay tough,
When the thorns of love prick,
Leaving you feeling tired and sick,

When you struggle and fight alone,
And everyone leaves you to your own,
When hot fire roars in your turbulent heart,
But the expression never sounds as smart,

When no one seems to really care.
And those that do so, do with fear.
When frustration sets in like dawn,
And life seems hard, nothing looks like fun,

When you look right and left,
And see you are the only one left,
When you try hard to explain,
But they tell you not to complain,

When you shower your love like rain,
Yet it all seems to go away in vain,
When you seek refuge with The Most Honorable,
And yet with pride they say: “You must be a rebel,”

For sure I know and would say:
You are not alone in any way,
All is not lost and astray,
For you chose the Most Mighty in every way,

And He would definitely guide your way,
For sure I know and would say:
You are a Muslim in the night and day,

May our Lord bolden your chest,
And grant you the best of here and the next.

This poem is dedicated to all strong women struggling all alone in the quest for faith, love, and peace. In this part of the world, our sisters face challenges ranging from societal challenges to parental challenges, and more. It is also frustrating that those who are family and claiming to be Muslims can be the biggest persecutors. Hypocrisy mixed with cultural ills are forced on many of our sisters.

It has always been a constant battle on both ends: trying to please Allah, and maintaining the rights of parents. May Allah’s peace be upon the Ghurabaa, the strangers. Ameen.

Sisters, you deserve a place and peace in life, and by His Grace, you are never alone!
Don’t quit yet, for you are never alone!

Ibrahim Jimoh is a an author, award winning writer, and poet. He is a graduate of electrical and electronics engineering, University of Ilorin. He draws his inspiration from the Quran and prophetic traditions, nature and daily occurrences.

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  1. Ayobami Makinde Reply

    This is a such a great poem. This truly gave some relief and hope . Thank you jimoh Ibrahim

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