April 2021 MYM Roundup!

Catch our April 2021 roundup of MYM updates and announcements!
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It’s April, fools! Just kidding.

Welcome to our Monthly MYM Roundup—April Edition! This is our inaugural look through the literary journeys of young Muslims across the world, space, and time! My name is Jawaad Ahmad Khan, and I’ve been a literary editor for MYM for many years now, and I will say, it’s nice to come from behind the scenes to speak directly to you! (Outside of a lofty, literary attempt at poetry or storytelling, like we usually try to do.)

We’re excited to open up your world, and let you know what’s been happening on the other side of the page here at Muslim Youth Musings.

1. The Fellowship Has Sailed!

A near 4-month voyage began and concluded last September to December here at MYM, our Writer’s Fellowship! Alhamdulillah we took two amazing writers, Khairah Adedotun and Asiyah Jilani, through a fellowship in which we covered the nuts & bolts of writing, editing, polishing, and embracing the writing process. From imposter syndrome to the art of reflection, these writers truly embedded themselves in the culture of what we do here at MYM. Not to mention, they wrote!

That brings us to our first featured piece of the roundup:

Ataraxia by our MYM Writer Fellow graduate, Asiyah Jilani. 

In this meticulously crafted free verse poem, Asiyah explores a long-tread topic with freshness and deep contemplation: the need to write. Check it out and leave a comment, show some love!

2. Lone Stars Connected!

With quite a few Texas-based writers and editors (myself now included!), it was an honor to collaborate with the Lone Star MSA Council for their 2020 Unplugged Competition for writers and artists, providing a platform for young performers of all kinds (virtually this year!). You can find the winners featured on our website in this collection:

But I’d like to feature one piece in particular today:

What Is It That I Love by WiseIQ

A thoughtful dissection and reflection of a comprehensive dua of the Prophet (s) which weaves a story of the human being and the directions our thoughts take us in. Even as it won first prize for performance poetry, it’s quite a read-through, check it out for yourself!

3. New Blood, Fresh Ink (Welcome Our New Writers!)

Alhamdulillah, we had opened up applications for our new 3-month writer’s cohort, in which we’ve taken on a group of young, up-and-coming writers and contributors to work with our team, learn our writing and editing process, and publish some pieces! We’re excited to kick off this spring session, and can’t wait to see what comes of it!

For our Spring 2021 cohort which will be from April to June 2021, please help us welcome the following writers! We’ll be sharing more about them and their upcoming pieces soon insha’Allah.

  • Aabid Shivji
  • Afra Ahmad
  • Bismah Ikram
  • Fatima Saeed
  • Halah Butt
  • Halima Bensaid
  • Khairah Adedotun
  • Ruqaiyya Maryam
  • Zuhair Burmi

4. Featured Piece

Our final featured piece today is hand-picked from the archives:

Unrequited Love by Bismah Ikram

This short story will grip you throughout; its vivid scenes will keep you at the edge of your seat (or leaning too far into your phone) to see what happens next. A young friendship meets a tragic accident… 

Read it for yourself! 

And that’s all, fools! Just kidding, again. Keep an eye out this month for any events or meet ups we may be planning, especially around Ramadan time, and may Allah bless you and your families to reach and take full advantage of that blessed month to come.

’Til then, 

Keep on musing…
– Jawaad

Jawaad Khan was born and raised in sunny South Florida to a family of creatives and Islamic workers. He went on to complete a film degree at the University of Miami, one year of improv classes (which he’s very proud of), and he studied Arabic and Islamic studies at various institutes in Dallas, TX, where he now resides with his wife and cat. He serves on the board and is an editor for Muslim Youth Musings. His debut collection of short stories, titled "No Old Ladies in Jannah" was published in 2023.

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