Ammar Habib

Ammar was born in Mönchengladbach, Germany before coming to the United States in 2001, after which he has moved around with his family more than 13 times before settling near College Park, Maryland. He is a student of Psychology and Business at the University of Maryland and intends on becoming an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist in the future. He is passionate about martial arts, physical and mental health and wellness, and will never say no to coffee. His burning sense of adventure and exploration can lead him to wandering or biking through new cities for hours, whether alone or with his best mates by his side. More than anything, he loves to involve himself with mentoring, counseling, and coaching youth of all ages in different disciplines. He vehemently champions using one’s passions and experiences to benefit and enrich the lives of others, which is why he decided to write for Muslim Youth Musings. You may find him teaching gymnastics at his local sports complex, or working with students at the advising office of Prince George’s Community College, coaching the Eleanor Roosevelt High School’s MIST team, all while looking for a new adventures to take on!
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