Haris Qudsi

An eclectic individual at heart, Haris Qudsi thoroughly enjoys writing about himself in the third person. Armed with a cavalcade of dry wit and an extensive vocabulary fueled by a love of reading, Haris often confounds those less well versed in the English language with his choices in verbiage. Haris joined MYM to continue to pursue his passion of working with Muslim youth to help them with the contemporary issues faced by young Muslims in the West and help bring them closer to Deen. As for his current daily endeavors, Haris studies at the prestigious Al-Rahmah Seminary, where he hopes to hone his skills in the Islamic sciences under the guidance of a multitude of amazing Mashaaikh, and one day become an Imam inshaAllah, so as to continue in the work he is passionate for. Enraptured by the Baltimore Ravens in his free time, Haris also enjoys spending time with friends and family, volunteering at his second home, the Islamic Society of Baltimore and schooling suckas in Madden.
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