Maryam Abdul-Kareem

Though a New York native, Maryam is now navigating the crab-cake loving land of Maryland. Her experiences and interests are as eclectic as her surroundings. She has dabbled in different fields from human rights to Muslim youth organizing. Maryam finds joy in the strong Islamic bonds and meaningful relationships between Muslims, particular Muslim youth, and jumps at any opportunity to facilitate those bonds. She is a lover of film, books, adventure, justice, hot chocolate and has a very real belief in unicorns (don’t judge). Maryam is a writer who believes in the power of art and literature. She joined MYM to be a part of the beautiful movement of Islamic Literature. To lend her ears to learn and grow from fellow writers, her voice to speak from her own unique experiences; and provide a platform for Muslim women, like herself, to see themselves reflected and represented in literature.
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