Meryam Khan

On the outside, Maryam is just an ordinary girl currently homeschooling, but her dreams are big. She is hoping to become an inspirational author for young adults, insha’Allah. Not only is Maryam striving to become an author, she is also interested in becoming a linguist, an ethnic chef, and a nutritionist. Many people are intimidated by her, as she is very strict on health and food choices. She loves to embrace her tomboy side once in a while, and enjoys playing with her pets and taking unexpected road trips with her family. She’s currently a student from ICL (Institute of Childrens Literature). Being a former Al-Huda student has taken Maryam on a self-journey where she came to realize herself, the purpose of life and the importance of this deen. Being a part of MYM will allow her to convey all her experiences and reflections she has made with the Muslim youth.