Nadia Farooqi

Nadia is currently studying Pharmacy at the University of Houston. She has a heart of kindness and love for everyone to take and share. Nadia enjoys meeting new people and spending time with her cherished ones. You’ll find her frequently hugging random hijjabis and coping with a handful of people here and there to get acquainted with many Muslims and non-Muslims. Allah gifted her with this need and passion of aiding others, in all cases, as much as possible. Her time goes out to her family, Islam, sketching, writing, and a lot of volunteering. Currently, she is holding a position with Crescent Youth, a non-profit organization, as a sisters coordinator, reaching out to youth as much as she can by creating new projects and events. She is also an enrichment teacher for Amaanah Refugee services, also a non profit organization in the goal of helping refugee families. Nadia has many goals in life and she wants her voice to be heard through her writings, for people to feel and understand certain situations, to help someone in a different state or country reading it. For this reason, she joined MYM and is excited to write for them, for one article can make a difference to any reader. She perceives whats happening around her; her surrounding, environment, masjlis, ummah and believes that one day, she’ll be able to make many changes and differences in someones life.
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