Najma Arfa

Najma Arfa is originally from Indonesia and currently a sophomore at Al Huda School in College Park Maryland. She’s the oldest of three siblings and the daughter of two loving parents. Najma has done public speaking in debate competitions, open houses, and online webinar sessions. She also enjoys math and had won first place at the 2018 annual math MEET competition. Other than competing, Najma loves board games, painting, eating, ziplining, playing badminton, cycling, and most of all, traveling. She and her family have traveled to states in the east coast area and other countries with Japan being her most enjoyable place to travel to. Najma’s love for traveling inspires her to see, try, and of course, taste new things. With the help of her traveling experiences, she hopes her writing will offer new perspectives about the world and inspire others to explore. She’s ready to grow as a writer and help spread the Deen with the many talented writers on MYM. If she’s not de-stressing at home through writing or painting, she’s probably outside, running around, chatting with random people who pass by, doing her own thing.
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