Remember when we were younger and they used to tell us about the Prophets of the past? Let’s step back and remind ourselves about one of them again; Prophet Ibrahim. When he started making Da’wah to his father, Azar, and the people of his town, he was just a young teenager. Allah mentions in Surah Anbiya,

They said, “We heard a youth threaten them; he is called Ibrahim.”

Sure, we all know the story and can recite it by heart. But do we really understand what this young man really went through? If we placed ourselves in his position and we saw the angel Jibreel offering to help us out, would we say ‘Allah is sufficient for me? Or would we reach out our hands and beg him to save us? What gave Ibrahim this strength, this patience to rely only on Allah?

Now lets go forward into history and take a quick glimpse at those fortunate individuals who surrounded the Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him. Look at Sumayyah, may Allah be pleased with her. What stopped her from giving in when she was threatened by Abu Jahl? What gave her the strength to not leave her religion whilst seeing the spear pointed at her?

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