Sanam Zaidi

Sanam Zaidi was born in Pakistan and moved to NYC a bit too late when the doctors discovered she was born with a heart disease that was beyond surgical repair. Since then, she has lived to defy all odds and short life expectancies that the doctors have slammed her with, all due to the grace of God, and has now successfully entered the medical health field herself. She has often been told that her survival story is an inspiration to others and she wishes to spread this inspiration beyond the bubble of Texas, where she currently resides. Her passion for Deen grew when she started volunteering as a Sunday School teacher at her local Masjid and since then has wanted to contribute to the spread of this beautiful Deen in any way. She wishes to touch the hearts of others by translating her life experiences into beautiful works of literary art; experiences that have always taught her how far tawakul, taqwa, sabr and persistence can bring her. She joined MYM in the hopes that she could tackle two birds with one stone; to spread both inspiration and love of Deen through her literary writings, which she discovered she had a knack for after having been exposed to MYM through her friends who are already staff members.
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