Awake at This Hour

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To be awake at this hour, submitting to my Lord
To the nourishment of the soul
The beauty of life awakens in darkness to pray
Serene, winged warrior of light
Unknotted thrice before the Sun has shone its might

Up, Up, Up
With peace
A royal picture of reality that Salah is better than sleep
Salah is better than sleep
Salah is better than sleep

We have awakened and it is still and quiet
Nothing but the sound of salaam
Too peaceful to be broken
In silence, peace follows me

Allahu Akbar
I submit
I’ve turned in my slumber for the sweet grade of fulfillment
The soul’s markings of love’s red ink
The day’s corrections written on my forehead in sajdah
I chased dreams behind closed eyelids

My pupils awake
Studious in nature, they learn,
Dreams written in Salah,
Strengthened in du’a,
Now soaring through me with wings of golden colors.

I remember falling out of my bed into the cushion of prayer
Allah comforts me
Salaam in Islam
May He always guide me
It is Fajr
A much-needed refresh

Sabrun Jameel the Sun rises
Sabrun Jameel the day begins
Sabrun Jameel the night ends and it is Fajr again
Scribing Taqwa on the heart
Before every morning peacefully ushering me out of the dark

As Salaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah,
As Salaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah.

Author’s Note: This poem is meant to express the power, patience, and peace in praying, specifically praying Fajr. Less obvious and worthy of note, is the essence of my mother intertwined in this poem. My beloved mother has given me many things, one of which is the example of clarity and light that Fajr brings. I thank Allah for all my blessings, among which I count my mother and would like to dedicate this poem to her. May Allah grant her good in this life and Jannat ul-Firdaus in the next. (please, say Ameen).

Though a New York native, Maryam is now navigating the crab-cake loving land of Maryland. Her experiences and interests are as eclectic as her surroundings. She has dabbled in different fields from human rights to Muslim youth organizing. Maryam finds joy in the strong Islamic bonds and meaningful relationships between Muslims, particular Muslim youth, and jumps at any opportunity to facilitate those bonds. She is a lover of film, books, adventure, justice, hot chocolate and has a very real belief in unicorns (don’t judge). Maryam is a writer who believes in the power of art and literature. She joined MYM to be a part of the beautiful movement of Islamic Literature. To lend her ears to learn and grow from fellow writers, her voice to speak from her own unique experiences; and provide a platform for Muslim women, like herself, to see themselves reflected and represented in literature.

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