Being Mortal

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I was born this way,
Not ashamed of being mortal,
Willing to struggle to achieve righteousness,
For the rest of my days.

Making a temporary home on this earth,
Not having to mourn, or deal with evil,
I have been happy about my life since birth.

I thank God because He chose me,
To roam this earth, so freely,
I thank God because He gave me limited life.

Not having to watch humanity fall,
Helping to clean the world from all the filth that has flowed into it,
I hear God’s call,
I thank God because He made me temporary.

Zuhair Burmi is no longer a college student. He has been a writer all his life, and is working on ways and projects. In describing his relationship with writing, he says, "Writing does something for me that I can't really explain."

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