By the Flame

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Come to me when you’re lost and broken,
and your endeavours are ashen.
When your heart has been toyed with,
and your tears are rendered frozen.

Come to me when your silence
rings louder than your triumph.
When your melodies have been muted,
your services and sonnets are forgotten.

Come to me when your empathy
is greeted with mockery.
When your perseverance and solitude
are your most prized possessions.

Come to me when you long to surrender
but giving in must not be chosen.
When no shelter can shield you enough
because it’s your very soul that’s frozen.

Come, for then shall we lounge
in a chamber of outstretched darkness.
Come, for then shall we observe
what a flickering candle can show to one.

The highs and lows: its silent rage,
the transcendent dance of the flame
Its luminous state, incessant waxy tears
at war against the eternal expanse of gloom.

The reflection of its humble light in your eyes,
its gentle warmth soothes your shrunken soul.
The sweet solidarity it offers in silence,
an overdue heart-to-heart conversation.

Bit by bit, the wick diminishes
Do you hear a bell ring in the distance?

When the candle of your life begins to extinguish,
will there be someone to take up your flame?
When the darkness pounces to intimidate
Will there be another willing to burn?

Pass on your light before it’s too late,
Pass it on before the daemons of doom dominate,
However dim your flame, share it in God’s name
Share – for it’s only through sharing that we remain.

This piece invites the reader to reflect on a lit candle.

Light here is everything good: kindness, sound & beneficial ‘ilm, eemaan, literal light and your worldly bounties. Even if your light seems futile and unrequited in this life, imparting it is the only way you can ever multiply it. And even if it hurts, it makes life worthwhile. What good is an unlit candle anyway?

This doesn’t mean one should become a doormat; remember to practice healthy boundaries and guard your sanity.

Just a notepad warrior smearing her notions on paper.

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