Celestial Body

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Her face shines brilliantly bright
Especially when she preludes the night
When the breaths of dawn will soon
Show their luminescence to loom
At the end of dawn is the beginning of day
That’s when she shows her beautiful face
Like a sea of tranquility over an ocean of bloom
She reveals herself in the color of blue
You see her face that color, deep and intense
Sometimes you see her perfection covered by dense
Fluffiness like rises from her bright face
White birthmarks that swim from place to place
Dark hair spots her green and brown womb
Pregnant with death brought by life’s doom
And places on her body are golden and hot

While others are cold, white as she cries dots
Due to her makeup running, frozen fragments fall
Her white make-up’s tears drop on her tall
Tanned body making the whiteness hover
Select spots where her truth is blanketed under
The same form of matter that makes up her tears
Life giving drops to her body so clear
She feels for us thus she cries out of mercy
And granted is our wish for those who are worthy
By the One who created her, subject to us
A means for us to reside in for indeed we must
To survive and hide in her skin of strength
Giving us protection for a great length
But don’t get her angry for indeed she is fierce
When her blood boils and bursts out to pierce
Out of her hard flesh, spherical in nature
And her hard skin breaks, shaking, it waivers
In anger and disgust, she vomits her innards
Burning her inhabitants while making her thinner
From her soul inside which is like a burning sun
In the form of molten lead; she’s an arduous one
Have you seen her furious yet? I hope you haven’t
Her words slice through the air in a storm so ravish
She fires harsh words in every direction
Twisting and collecting all in its path’s apprehension

And when she curses us, it is a painful site
Winds of fury are her words of plight
Lifting up and destroying her own inhabitants
When they indulge in sin and lived lives extravagant
And when she feels pain, her pain truly is great
It sweeps away the people with tears overweight
Waves of sadness consumes all in their wake
The diluvian madness must always overtake
People feign realize that she gives us our life
But when her Master angers, we lose our own wife
The one who nourished us and weaned as well
A mother that preludes either Heaven or Hell
So look to her yes, yet look still much further
For albeit she cares there’s someone who always nurtures
Our very soul and being day in and day out
Who commands her visage to smile or to pout
That causes that terrible vomiting to emit
And the storm of rage across towns to hit
That causes her curse to rip across wind
And floods of calamity to recompense those who do sin

He is the One who caused her peace
He is the One who let her release
He is the One who designed her beauty
To whom she prostrates to in perpetual duty
Through her we are given shelter all that which is over her
Through her we are given food that is unaltered
Through her we are protected from a storm of stones
Outside of her body where darkness freely roams
But when she is stretched out and laid out flat
And deeds of our souls on a balance are racked
She will testify either against us or for our help
According to what we did on her body she felt
She worships her Lord while she is great
Knowing she’s nothing but a temporary state
For us to reside in until we must return
To the One who gave us her to either rejoice or burn

So which do you choose, the former or latter?
When all that once was will no longer matter
Except for those of the truly righteousness
When He in whose hand my soul is silences
Letting our own bodies speak as witnesses
To admit us to eternal loss or perfect piety
And that’s the Day when you will finally realize
That every time she cried was a celestial sign
From the One who gave us life and protected
From a storm of stones, with her aura deflected
Except what He wills and no one will help
Against Him except Him from the asteroid belt
At the end of dusk is the beginning of night
When the rest of day ends of its plight
And a rest from our day’s work is found
As she covers herself in a face veil, bound
All you see are her millions of sparkling eyes
Winking at you from a distance that seems to lie

In fact, those aren’t eyes, but other bodies
That are so far from her that it makes you think of the Godly
Because indeed, He who created has it all
When stars will eventually die and fall
We will return to the one who gave us birth
The Closest, the Greatest, the Last, and the First.

“Blessed is He in whose hand is dominion,
and He is over all things competent –
[He] who created death and life to test you
[as to] which of you is best in deed –
and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving –
[And] who created seven heavens in layers.
You do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency.
So return [your] vision [to the sky]; do you see any breaks?
Then return [your] vision twice again.
[Your] vision will return
to you humbled while it is fatigued.” (Quran 67:1-4)


A celestial body is a body in the heavenly realm, as in, space. This includes planets, stars, comets, to even solar systems and galaxies. Here, I am personifying our closest of celestial bodies; our very home called Earth.

Earth is personified as a mother, a wife, and a beautiful woman on the inside and out. Like any normal woman, she has a face and a physical body. She exhibits mood swings, sashaying from anger to happiness to sadness, etc. She expresses her mood in different ways, her physique changing due to circumstance of her emotion. That is, the circumstances of our mother Earth.

I introduce our mother Earth as being happy; her face as the sky, shining brilliantly. When she is cloudless, she is happy, blue like the ocean and tranquil. Slowly you begin to see her birthmarks on her face, which I metaphorically allude to clouds. Her actual body is the planet Earth itself; and dark hair is like trees that fetter our planet Earth. What I mean by her being pregnant with death is that dead bodies are buried in her body, making her pregnant with them. The places where she is golden and hot are deserts, and where it is cold are obviously cold places where she cries frozen tears of snow.

I make snow a metaphor for her make-up running due to her crying, and I show rain a way of her crying due to her mercy, caring for life on Earth. The rain is a mercy from Allah, so I make that clear as well, that the rain is gifted to her like her tears.

When she gets angry, her blood boils like magma and lava and it bursts out of her skin like pus from the body, alluding to volcanoes. She vomits which is also like a volcano erupting, and her soul is the molten core of magma. When she gets furious she curses us in the form of a tornado, and I allude that to words of curses slicing through the air, making a hurricane.

When she feels pain, she cries a lot and makes floods occur. Then I talk about how “when her Master angers, we lose our wife”, meaning when the one who created the Earth angers, we lose the Earth because of His anger and He causes all the scary natural disasters.

She is a prelude to either Heaven or Hell which is why I say the next two lines.

I reveal what each of her forms of painful emotion represent. I talk about how Allah gave her the ability to do everything and how she prostrates to Him, as mentioned in the Noble Qu’ran.

I then discuss how we are protected from a storm of stones by her, or comets “outside of her body where darkness freely roams” meaning space. Then I talk about the Day of Judgment when the Earth will be laid out flat and stretched out, and the Earth will either testify for us or against us, a true reality. She is a temporary state to reside in until we either go to Heaven or Hell (rejoice or burn).

I ask which you would choose. I say that all that once was will no longer matter. I next say how every time she cried was a celestial sign, meaning a sign of Allah’s mercy. Then I show how her aura is her magnetic field and how it deflected asteroids and meteors. I end by talking about the night after dusk, where she covers her face like a face covered in a niqab. Then you see millions of sparkling eyes which are actually other stars, making you think of Allah’s Might and amazing creations.

Stars will eventually fall as mentioned in the Quran, and I finally talk about how we will return to Allah in the end. I finish with the first four verses of Surah Mulk, because it talks about how the heavens have no inconsistency and how powerful they are, and how we cannot compare.

As a student of mechatronics engineering, I often have to use problem solving skills effectively. Though I follow a path of logical thinking, I am actually very in-tuned with the arts, whether that be through poetry, story-writing, or blogging. Writing is a way to convey my thoughts when I can't find the right words to say. I love science, and I love Islam more. Despite being 23 years old, I haven't given up my spirit of childhood, and that can be seen through my love for video games. I think creativity is a profound characteristic that progress humanity further, and everyone should express it one way or another.

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