Colors of the Wind

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Become one with the earth.
Lay upon the dirt from which you came.
Sinking, melting,
Streaming down the crevices
Cracks, slipping further.
We return to the earth, don’t we?
Go, return to your Lord.

Let the sun wash over your skin.
Bask in the beams of mercy,
A gift from your Lord
Calling to you
Bathe in the sheets of noor
Filling every pore, hole, void,
With longing
To glide along the bridges threading from sky to earth.

Crystal droplets, dancing
Sloshing, swishing
Flowing down the banks
Bubbling, gurgling
Rushing foam
A gift to your parched throat.
Sliding down the tunnel
Moistening your cracked lips.

Rustling blades of grass
Crushed against your body
Crumpled, springy
Dewdrops, beads resting atop these towers,
Creased, crunched
Waving in the breeze.

Timeless silence.
Can you paint with the colors of the wind?
Persuasive gusts of incessant beauty.

Endless blue
Stretching across the heavens
Flexing to match the mold of the sky
Soft to the touch, clouds
Scattered, peppered,
Dotting the skies of great depth.

A crack, a hiss
The sound of a shattered soul
Pain, loss,
Spreading, filling every gap.
Bursting at the seams of gentle skins.

Begging to escape
To leave your crushed body
Impossible, inescapable,
Leaking from the ducts that corner the gateways to your soul
Streaming down your face
Dripping into the ground
Soaking the earth.
Every drop
Hungry, ravenous
To leech away the pain.

Become one with the earth
Lay upon the dirt from which you came
Sinking, melting,
Streaming down the crevices
Cracks, slipping further
Little by little, bit at a time
Go, return to your Lord.

There are times in life which every human being capable of emotion is able to relate to. A moment where you feel the power of utter vulnerability, when the spiderwebs of familiarity you have woven around you over the course of years – even decades – are ripped away, when you feel like one of the hollow sea shells drifting along the foamy seas…

There are times when every morsel of your body yearns to melt into the earth, to vanish completely. When you want to run away so nobody can ever find you again.

Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) says that man was created weak, that we need to have a Lord to return to in these times of plight.

Every human is subject to these moments of hopelessness. The solution then, is to return to Allah, to yearn and ask for His Mercy.

Because of course, ‘in the remembrance of Allah do the hearts find rest’ (Surah Ar-Ra’d 13:28).


Raadia is an 18-year-old college student in the United States, with an unapologetic passion for civil rights-- with additional interests in art, law, leadership, literature, education, and global matters. Probably has consumed some form of caffeine within last 24 hours.

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