Crimson Drenched Eyes

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Another tear rolls down my cheek,
I feel it meandering its way down,
Joining the others to form a stream.
I slowly close my crimson drenched eyes,
Feeling the shatter inside my chest;
The vessel has finally begun to leak.

‘In life you will meet all kinds of people’
I hear my father’s words ringing in my ears.
But no matter how prepared you think you are,
It will never be enough for this kind of betrayal.
Treated appallingly in more ways than one,
Their selfishness has made me frail and feeble.

Pain encapsulates the very depths of my soul,
But not burdened with more than it can bear.
For it is just another test from Allah,
To determine the true from the false.
He will be my guardian as I tell myself:
‘Remain steadfast with patience and control’.

It is indeed a time of erosion and despair
But I thank Allah as what He does is for the best.
The stronger the hardship, the stronger the faith,
The grander the reward, the dearer you are to Him.
But if it is so, I am not worthy of such affection;
He loves me more than I deserve and is fair.

He will answer my call and help what is broken to mend
As I know with every affliction there will be relief.
Never will I be alone or far from His support and care,
For He saved me from a greater misery and destruction.
He is enough and there is no better to look after me,
Closer to me than myself, my Protecting Friend.


Muhammad Aamir Shamsi is currently an Emergency Medicine Doctor in London. He joined MYM in the summer of 2010 to develop his writing skills, to provide an insight into the incidents that have occurred in his life, and to explore his thoughts that have arisen from such occurrences. He hopes he can develop as a Muslim and become a better person in the process insha'Allah.

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