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“What is this strange place we find ourselves in
Trapped in the open, we are free within.”

Our souls are imprisoned within these temporary vessels,
some sent here for great things,
others lost gazing at the stars,
one thing is for certain,
we all have been given freedom to do whatever we like, whenever we like, however we like.
However, there are those who choose to embrace the inner
desires of their hearts,
searching for the one who made them.

These are the people who establish great civilizations
and form covenants of moralistic notion,
They follow divine scriptures and set bounds to otherwise chaotic times,
the ones who bend their knee to the one higher being,
that formed them from nothing
accepting that in the grand scheme of things,
like the matrix, a computer-generated software 
that when its time is done will go back to the software,
similarly, this vessel will go back to the dirt, 
from whence it came.

The losers, on the other hand, 
gaze at the open, spacious sky
admiring the stars
but are too haughty or too lazy to go amongst them.
They turn society into chaos,
corrupting grand things till it fits them
making societies fall,
and unlike unwanted programming getting deleted,
the losers are destined to burn.
Completely forgotten, 
completely unnoticed.

Zuhair Burmi is no longer a college student. He has been a writer all his life, and is working on ways and projects. In describing his relationship with writing, he says, "Writing does something for me that I can't really explain."

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