Finding Freedom

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Freedom. That elusive state of mind,
Cherished much, different in kind,
Sought after by the soul of man,
Seeking, foolishly, in far off lands,

Freedom; are you on the wings of the birds,
Traversing the sky in organized herds?
Or perhaps you are found in the heart of the youth,
Living for the moment, yet to see the truth?

Freedom; are you the wind that kisses the trees,
Invisible yet felt in the form of a breeze?
Or maybe you are hidden in violent rage,
In the tears that break lose, as if from a cage?

Freedom; are you the wealth which we amass?
Pleasing for the moment, until behind our backs you are cast?
No, surely you must be so much more,
But why does it take such effort to reach your core?

Freedom; many of your findings do men claim!
Men steeped in loss rather than gain!
Sitting on high thrones of elegance,
Yet their hearts hollow like empty tents!

Constantly seeking to fill a void,
They are all but utterly destroyed,
Courting freedom in an everlasting romance,
Yet only grasping at a mere pretence.

Freedom; you are misunderstood,
If only you were approached with a different mood!
For the trappings of the transitory you simply cannot be!
Seeking after such is naught else than blasphemy!

Freedom; if only they could see,
That you are a treasure of which submission is the key,
Submission of the heart, body, and soul,
Only then can you be experienced entirely whole.

Freedom; to find you takes fortitude,
Manifested in moments of solitude,
Your barrier crumbled by humble tears,
Begging for a heart cleansed of sinful years.

Oh my fellow people, if only you would pay heed!
You too would see that slavery is freedom, freedom indeed!

From what I have observed, people seem to view freedom quite differently. Some only see the murky surface of freedom, which includes having basic rights such as freedom of speech or thought. Others, unfortunately, see it as the freedom to let their evil desires roam free and unchecked. For example, many view Islam as being oppressive because Muslims do not have the so called “freedom” to fulfill their lower desires whenever and however they wish, but must follow a strict code of conduct. However, what they fail to perceive is that submission to the will of Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, is true freedom. To be a slave to Him alone, to be bound by His mercy, is freedom. But to be bound by the chains of this world is more of a burden than anything else. As Allah’s creatures, we all seek to break free from these chains into the freedom of submission by various stages and many diverse paths, whether we are aware of it or not.

This awareness of everyone’s internal struggle to find true freedom was the driving force behind this piece.

Aziza, lovingly named after her maternal grandmother, is a part-Indian, part-European Ohioan. With an interest in writing and learning more about her faith of Islam, she found her niche in MYM. She is excited to be able to communicate the cherished feelings in her heart. Through her pieces, she hopes to inspire not only Muslims, but non-Muslims alike.


  1. I love the veracity of the concept and the exemplification of false freedom.
    ‘Twas very insightful, masha’Allah! :)

  2. I really enjoyed your poem, Aziza.
    I loved the imagery and the overall message – brilliant, MashAllah!

  3. This was great Masha’Allah! I love being reminded of this concept and it’s much prettier the way you put it into poetry :)

  4. I love it! I love it I love it MAshaAllahhhh I just want to keep reciting this like spoken word. AMAZING PIECE! GREAT JOB ;))))

  5. Great piece, Masha’Allah! My favorite couplet was:
    “Freedom; are you on the wings of the birds,
    Traversing the sky in organized herds?”

    We usually couple our thinking of birds with complete freedom, but this imagery showed that even birds have order in their own ways.

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