For It is Allah Whom I Obey

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I am pulled towards pain,
as I watch them all waste away.
All my friends engage,
and I feel enraged.
Must I stay away?

I glance and reprimand with a glare,
but I cannot bring myself to stare.
Innocence and the Deen or,
party and face trouble with the unseen?
My heart is pulled closer,
and my chest feels weaker.
Should I disobey?

Nay, I cannot afford to stray.
I have been given only one chance,
to prove worthy myself to the Lord of the Vast.
I must not delay,
My friends taunt, they say,
Are you too good for our play?
I ignore and walk away.
Should I indulge in Shaitan’s game,
when my Rabb has promised me more than I can name?
I smile as I leave the scene,
Deciding upon the way of the Deen.

I am not as naive as I may seem,
My heart attempts to be pure and clean,
My lips praise instead of chant,
I bow to one Lord,
not idolize man.
My strength will stay strong,
till the last, I pray,
that God will guide me to the right way,
that evil will not lead me astray.
For it is Allah, and only Allah whom I obey.

This piece was inspired by the hadith, “A person will be with him whom he loves.” In today’s society, we are surrounded by friends, whether we are at the mall, at the masjid, or online. With such a scenario, we are faced with the sensitive decision of WHO who we choose as friends. Will we choose peers who will compromise the Aakhirah for the sake of this Dunya? Or will we choose friends that will encourage us to do good and obey Allah? That choice is in our hands, and I pray that each and every one of us finds company that draws us closer to Allah swt (glorified and exalted be He) and the right path.

Maryam Ahmed is a high school senior living in Dallas, TX. She began writing for MYM when she was 13. In her free time (which is not very often), Maryam enjoys biking, photography, and reading. This fall, she will be heading to SMU, insha'Allah, to study Political Science, Human Rights and Journalism. She hopes to attend Law School after that. Maryam enjoys reading the literature on MYM because it inspires her to be a better Muslim. She hopes that by contributing to this community she can inspire other Muslim youth.


  1. Great job on this one, masha’Allah. I particularly liked how you mentioned that it’s a struggle, and a struggle that you’re cognizant of. The struggle is not only within, but also between you and your friends, and the perception that they have of you as a result.

  2. MashaAllah, this is such an amazing poem! I love it! =)
    BaarakAllahu feeki Maryam! <3

  3. This is a wonderful piece, Masha Allah. I especially loved the lines, “My lips praise instead of chant / I bow to one Lord / not idolize man.”

    It’s sad how many people pray five times a day, and still do not know what they are saying. Those who go through all the movements but their hearts are not involved in it. The first line really got to me.

    The second and third, made me smile. Again, so many people’s priorities lay in this world, maybe idolizing Isa alayhisalaam (Jesus) or a celebrity of sorts.

    All in all, this was lovely and I enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work!

  4. Dis is 1daful realy inspirin n educative…yh d rite tin is write evn if no 1 does it..mansha’Allah!!

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