From His Mercy

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If you ask me who my role model is, I’ll tell you it’s a man who needs no introduction 
His mercy to all leaves me in absolute admiration – not like the rest of creation 
Blessed with a noble fate – his heart was cleansed from any anger, any hate
After that it was like gold – caring for the widowed, the destitute, and old 
He was a living example of nobility, of morality 
On his face was always a smile, even though he went through trial upon trial
His mercy extended without reach – whoever needed advice he’d be the one to beseech
Out of his gentleness he caressed the orphans’ heads 
He did not leave anyone on the side, and in him they’d confide
He had emotional intelligence, speaking with humility and eloquence  
A fair and just leader, focused on creating peace as the ultimate reconciler 
He laughed and cried, had a heart that was kind
Like when he comforted a child whose pet bird had died 
When his first born son passed in his arms he wept – tears falling from his eyes
His heart grieved, though he didn’t say it wasn’t fair nor did he despair
He loved his two grandsons – Hasan and Hussain 
Showed his affection by kissing their heads 
Leaving a man astonished – saying this is what I don’t do  
The Prophet ﷺ responded what can I do –  if Allah has taken mercy away from you? 
He said the best among you is one who is best to his wife, 
and I am best among you in my dealings with my wives
He was patient, loyal, and affectionate, respectful and compassionate 
If he heard a child crying he’d shorten the prayer 
Knowing the mother would start to become weary 
He’d have compassion for his family, neighbors, and even the wayfarer  
Spending on others in charity, not fearing poverty – no matter the quantity 
He didn’t hesitate to visit the sick
Giving them glad tidings that his sins, Allah will expiate 
He used to have deep sorrow whenever his companions were in distress
He would cry from being affected by their circumstances and couldn’t help but express
So much pain he endured so that the message of the deen would be preserved 
Abused and ridiculed, yet he forgave even his firm enemies –
Never took revenge nor returned evil with evil
Their hearts softened to the call of Islam
No doubt – his character was unmatchable, impeccable 
He is Mustafa – the chosen one 
Ahmed – the praised one 
He taught us how to treat others, how to pray 
And how to stay firm in God’s way
Without him we’d be a nation gone astray 
Though he departed from us physically, he left us with his sunnah 
If we maintain his way – our lives will be filled with barakah 
We’ll be on the straight path, away from Allah’s wrath 
So let’s revive it and honor the one who supplicated for us in every prayer  
Crying and pleading: My ummah, my ummah
Sent by the Most High as a Mercy to all of mankind – rahmutal-lil ‘alameen 
The seal of the prophets – khatm-an-Nabiyyeen
A perfect example and model to follow to yield true victory 
He is Muhammad ﷺ – embodiment of mercy 
On a day so terrifying, he’ll pray Oh Allah, forgive my entire ummah!
To which Allah will say Oh Muhammad your request is granted and your intercession accepted 
His only wish will be to intercede 
Are you and I going to be among those who succeed?
He will be given Maqam Mahmoud – on the highest rank raised
Will we be among those whom are saved?
The Prophet ﷺ calls one by one to drink from his fountain – Al Kawthar – to quench our thirst,
Will we be among those entering with him and his noble company to Jannat Al-Firdaws?

Wedad Ghanim currently lives in Dallas, Texas. She developed a passion for spoken word and poetry when she began college and became familiar with it - after finding herself always seeking a poem to read. She enjoys expressing her thoughts and feelings, giving beautiful reminders of Allah and Islam, and sharing words of comfort through poetry. She is currently pursuing a BA in Education (Early Childhood- Grade 6). Other interests of hers include spending time with family and friends, painting, and reading books that allow her to reflect on her spiritual state on a deeper level.

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