From Sadness to Satisfaction

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This piece is part of the 2017 MYM Ramadan Writing Contest Collection.

Unexplainable sorrow alongside this blinding happiness as I read,
With all my days of laziness and negativity, I now don’t agree.
As I pray, I seem to become in touch with all my feelings,
It’s as though the Qur’an is speaking out to me, it has become my source of healing.
I am somehow now stable and in control,
All these words of my lord, I am able to take in and absorb.
I’m feeling stronger than ever, wondering why I didn’t open this blessed book earlier, I have become enlightened,
My confidence in myself has heightened,
Of this world and its disappointment, I am no longer frightened.
The memories of my earlier years all come back to me loud and clear, I hear the giggles and on these pages of the Quran I can see the flashbacks,
Flashbacks of me as a student of Islam before things took a bad turn, where we as aspiring scholars were united, all together we used to be huddled and sat.
I lost myself when I graduated from my Islamic theology course, I seemed to have gone off track but I can suddenly feel hope extending out its magic to me through these words,
I feel powerful, I feel like my lord is near and my duas are being heard.
I ignored this all for such a long time, I wasn’t seeing the good but now I have this Qur’an in my hands,
It Is no longer my enemy, I have become its biggest fan.
This hard heart has softened and turned as light as a feather,
I feel great, no longer feeling down and under the weather.
I have found the greatest best friend,
These words of my lord have given me a mend, I am no longer crooked or bent.
Me and the creator of this divine book have now become close friends,
Immense mercy and blessings upon me he always sends.
My once weak and tired body has become a source of energy for others,
Now I am even able to help out my sisters and brothers.
A few months ago, I wasn’t even able to save myself,
The Qur’an has become my life’s greatest wealth.
All I needed was to keep the faith and pray,
All I ever needed was the Qur’an in order to stay brave.
It was sent as a means of guidance for us all,
I have seen its power, it’s better than any other, I am now healthy and whole.
A blanket of warmth and togetherness now been wrapped around me, I will never again feel alone and cold.
A permanent way of happiness, it won’t ever be taken away,
Now everyday once I sit to pray, I can sleep with a smile, with peace I can lay, I say hello to new and happy days, it has taken me out of a dark and miserable phase, till this day I still remain amazed.

Top 10 Contestant for the 2017 Muslim Youth Musings Ramadan Writing Contest!


  1. This is so beautiful. Every word spoke to me and then the Goosebumps. Amazing amazing. Absolutely love it!

  2. Ma’sha’Allah so beautiful ?❤ love this !!!! May Allah bless you with his infinite mercy ❤❤❤

  3. Ma’sha’Allah beautifully written ??❤❤❤ very heart touching and inspiring !

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