How does it affect us in the long-term when we see online pictures of injustice and suffering?
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The injustice spelled out in
headlines and hashtags
Twitter feeds and Instagram pics,
Shakes our being in racks of fury
Brings out tears and sobs of pity
Takes hold of our incapable minds
Prying into our comfortable lives
The Syrian boy caked in dust and blood
The Pakistani child amidst a garbage flood
Crimes of evil we can’t comprehend
Acts of brutality we can’t recompense
We stare at screens and video footage
A young man with no other choice
A small girl left without a voice
An inventory of indescribable actions
We scream out loud our frustrations
Cry on behalf of bleeding nations
Inside us moves a storm of despair
Laying in our beds immobile we stare
Until our eyes take up their fill
Turning away against our will
Until the screen blurs and we slam it shut
Our attention spent, our reaction cut
No longer do the images remain
Whether or not we are no longer sane
We turn off our emotions, no longer upset
It takes no effort
to forget.


Halah Butt is an English Literature and Writing & Communications student at the University of Toronto, with a passion for art, history and travel. She aspires to be a writer, editor and illustrator whose work benefits others and encourages change for the better. She joined MYM as a means of engaging positively with the Muslim community around the world, to inspire and be inspired.


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