I See Creation

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Open the world.
What do you see?

Hidden within the vibrant blues,
I see lace coral, starfish,
The seadragon carrying life on its tail,

In distant lands,
A Komodo dragon hatches,
Pebble toads camouflage themselves,
Serpents slither in silence,
An iguana roams the roasting desert.

I see creation.

In the world around me,
I see sunflowers, delicate blossoms,
Dragon’s blood trees:  dense emerald canopies
In the mosaic of rainforests.

I watch damselflies, bustling bees living in secrecy,
The butterfly of the night chasing the stars,
Fireflies burning and dancing in the dark.

I see creation.

I glance above
to see hummingbirds hovering,
Owls with wide, amber eyes,
Swans gliding in the sky.

I see creation all over the world,
Intricate masterpieces;
Nothing in comparison
To Allah, the Greatest of us all.

My poem is about the beauty of nature that co-exists within us and around us on this fascinating planet. It’s about the realization that every single cell of every creature that is mentioned in my poem, including the vast variety of those that I have not referred to, was made by Allah (S.W.T). Although there is so much creation on Earth and beyond, we often forget to consider how wonderful it is. We forget that it is in fact a favour to us, because the beauty of nature reminds us of Allah’s power and the fact that the many ‘intricate masterpieces’ put together could never be greater than the One who created it all.

“Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day are signs for those of understanding.” (Surah ‘Āli-‘Imrān: 190)

Basiratulann Shahid was born in Manchester, Great Britain but her nationality is Pakistani. She has always wanted to be a writer since she can remember and would love to publish a few novels. Around four years ago, she realised that she also wanted to be a poet after a spontaneous experience in the art room, in which a poem suddenly came flowing from her pencil. Since then, she has maintained writing poetry as one of her main hobbies and usually incorporates the beauty of nature into her poetry. She joined MYM after her sister suggested the website to her and felt that this was the perfect environment for her to endorse herself in. She loves the fact that MYM is a place of increasing her knowledge about Islam and reading other brothers’ and sisters’ literature. Apart from writing, she enjoys reading and has a passion for photography and learning languages.


  1. Aye. This piece really took me beyond my computer screen window. :)

    And yet, we constantly find ourselves yearning for creation, when it ought to be means a means to yearn for the Creator.

  2. Absolutely breath-taking. Like, literally. It made me take a deep breath.
    The work of Al-Musawwir – subhanAllah!

  3. This is was so real; it actually reminded me of Biology class where every time we learned about the intricate details of the human body or of some plant, it would remind me of the ayah “And if you should count the favors of Allah , you could not enumerate them. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” (16:18) Like you mentioned, every, single cell that hese creatures are composed of are created by Allah. Reflecting upon their perfection really makes you think about Allah’s Perfection the next time you say “SubhanAllah!”

  4. Mashallah this is so beautifully written! Indeed signs of Allah Subhan Talla are scattered all over the universe….Truly if the creation is so perfect and breath-takingly beautiful then what would be the glory of the One who created it all ! Subhan Allah!!

  5. Masha Allah! The thing that upsets me is how people use science to try (and fail) to prove religion wrong- when in reality, it does the very opposite.

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