I Will Not Take Heed

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Hey you evil nafs
I beg you to quit complaining
I don’t want to hear your silent earsplitting pleading

Do you think you’re strong enough to break me down
With all your selfish wants and needs
You wish and desire until your inner heart bleeds

You beautify every evil that you see
You’re going here, there, left, right
It’s like you’re brainless, you’re not that bright

You see, I can hear you. Yes, I do sometimes listen
I too want what you want but I suppress my desire
You see, I fear Allah. I fear the Hell fire

I fear a day equal to a thousand
A day where mothers will leave their unborn child
Where animals will be allies in the wild

I fear a day the ocean will turn to fire
A day where the sun will be brought down near
Where people will drown in their sweat and fear

I fear that if I follow you I will be lost
Lost from Al-Kauthar where my beloved stands
Where he will provide people with a drink from his hands

I fear that you will drag me to hell fire’s pit
To a place where and abode there is everlasting
Where the drink is hot and forever boiling

So hey you selfish nafs
Please, I ask you to keep silent.
And let me follow that which my Lord has sent

And if you won’t
Then go ahead and plead
But I, I will not take heed