Innately Beautiful

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
So, behold
Here, my Lord made beauty
If you listen, you can hear the heart beating beauty
Undisputed, your Lord is beauty
Islam on the tongue and it is sweet
The taste of life
Beauty lies in the soul
So, Behold

We are masterpieces of the Creator
Reaching for Jannah – the beauty of beauty
It takes one to know one
I reflect you and you reflect me
Innately beautiful
Garnish your soul with faith and fear
Embellish every essence of your being
It is Allah who created you
You have but to Be and you are –

Beauty lies within
Stop diminishing her with sin
Repent to your Lord and feel her again
Stop killing the soul
Guard your heart from evil—the hindrance of faith flow
Inject beauty into your veins
Let Islam gorgeous through your body and resuscitate you to life
There is no beauty in the walking dead
So, repent to your Lord and feel life again

Breathe in faith, let it warm your soul
The beauty of prayer is what makes you whole
Let your faith breathe in this city of beauty
No pollution here, we run on Islam
Environmentally sound
Clean and pure
Winds so fresh, they recite Qur’an

I hear the sands reminding me of Allah
Sanding his remembrance in every sermon, every khutbah, the waves bring to shore, they assure:
There is only One God worthy of worship and we are to worship Him and Him alone
Feel Imaan in every joint, every bone

So committed to submitting to my Lord
I make-up every part of me with Him
So that He may become the ears in which I hear
The eyes in which I see
The hand by which I hold
And the foot by which I walk

I walk towards my Lord, so He can run towards me
Forever seeking and soaking in His mercy
I am a forever praying, begging, pleading servant of He
The One
The Eternal
The Absolutely Beauty

Though a New York native, Maryam is now navigating the crab-cake loving land of Maryland. Her experiences and interests are as eclectic as her surroundings. She has dabbled in different fields from human rights to Muslim youth organizing. Maryam finds joy in the strong Islamic bonds and meaningful relationships between Muslims, particular Muslim youth, and jumps at any opportunity to facilitate those bonds. She is a lover of film, books, adventure, justice, hot chocolate and has a very real belief in unicorns (don’t judge). Maryam is a writer who believes in the power of art and literature. She joined MYM to be a part of the beautiful movement of Islamic Literature. To lend her ears to learn and grow from fellow writers, her voice to speak from her own unique experiences; and provide a platform for Muslim women, like herself, to see themselves reflected and represented in literature.


  1. Turane mohamed Reply

    Masha Allah this one made my year excellent way to describe the beauty of our soul if only its attached to the creator. May Allah subhana wataalaa purify our soul

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