Join Muslim Youth Musings

Muslim Youth Musings is a non-profit literary foundation that is committed to working with Muslim writers to express themselves, enhance their writing skills, and engage in reflection about the world around them. We’re looking for team members to join us in our vision of crafting a generation of skilled and creative Muslim writers.

Benefits: All roles are in a volunteer and non-paid capacity, but the benefits of joining include learning professional skills, interacting with other committed Muslim activists and giving back to the Ummah in a meaningful way.

If you’re interested in joining our growing team, please apply for one of the roles below.

Available Opportunities

  1. Staff Writer
    Write literary poems, stories, memoirs, or essays, submit them for publication, and review them with an editor on one-on-one calls.
  2. Literary Editor
    Review, revise, and edit the work of writers on one-on-one editing calls. Offer suggestions to improve written work before publication.
  3. Office Administrator
    Handle a variety of administrative tasks, such as organizing publication files, publishing pieces on the web, and scheduling and summarizing meetings.
  4. Social Media Manager
    Grow audiences on social platforms through regularly creating content that is platform-specific, relevant, and reflects the MYM brand.