Join Muslim Youth Musings

Muslim Youth Musings is a non-profit literary foundation that is committed to working with Muslim writers to express themselves, enhance their writing skills, and engage in reflection about the world around them. We’re looking for team members to join us in our vision of crafting a generation of skilled and creative Muslim writers.

Benefits: All roles are in a volunteer and non-paid capacity, but the benefits of joining include learning professional skills, interacting with other committed Muslim activists and giving back to the Ummah in a meaningful way.

If you’re interested in joining our growing team, please apply for one of the roles below.

Available Opportunities

1. Staff Writer

Write literary poems, stories, memoirs, or essays, submit them for publication, and review them with an editor on one-on-one calls.

2. Designer

Design beautiful, user-friendly assets for the site and social media that can be used to promote MYM and its pieces and events.

3. Illustrator

Creating imagery and designs as needed for MYM publications and materials.

4. Social Media Manager

Grow audiences on social platforms through creating content that is platform-specific, relevant, and reflects the MYM brand.

5. Operations Director

Manage the behind-the-scenes operations of Muslim Youth Musings, from the editing and publishing of pieces, growth, and development of the MYM brand, and executing on our long-term projects and vision.

6. Web Administrator

Maintain a beautiful web experience for our readers, and help develop functionality for expanded MYM projects.

6. Accounting & Finance Consultant

Track expenditures and budget planning for upcoming years, and maintain efficient financial records for the organization.

7. Legal Consultant

Help MYM become incorporated as a non-profit, resolve any questions or issues that arise in partnerships, and craft appropriate contracts and agreements for writers and partners of MYM.

8. Layout Editor

Design and format publications of MYM pieces, primarily for print books and other materials.