June 2021 MYM Roundup!

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Some-are-writing and some-are-reading but so far, we’re all loving summer! (Points to you if you got the pun ;) 

As we bloom into a summer that feels like the beginnings of a return to normalcy for many of us, we at MYM are happy to be here for your monthly check in on young Muslim voices and what they have to offer.

Jawaad here, as always, with our June edition of the Monthly MYM Roundup. While the world still spins in different directions, we pray you (and your family) have found some semblance of peace in your life. For those in any test, struggle, or grief, we pray Allah (swt) provides you with ease, strength, and relief. 

On now to what’s what on the other side of the page!

1. From little acorns…

We’re rounding out the final month of our new writer cohort, and Alhamdulillah we’re starting to see some of the fruits of their labor. Many pieces have been written, some in the editing stage, and a few are now being published. We’re honored and humbled to be a small part of their writer’s journey, and we can’t wait to see what they do next (with us and with the world!).

Today’s first featured piece is from one of our cohort’s bright young writers:

To Tomorrow’s Children by Halah Butt

In this poem, Halah presents a structure that helps us dash through different lives at their beginnings, and takes us up and down through the motions and emotions of humanity. When you get to the end, let me know if you were hit as hard as I was.

2. Join Our Writer’s Hangout!

Ever felt that you would write more if you just had more time? Or structure? Or motivation? If you said no, may Allah forgive you for lying ;) But seriously – wouldn’t it be great to have a time and space carved out to just write? But wait, what if it could be with other folks like you, and you could pick their brains, get feedback, or just share ideas on what you’re working on or thinking about? 

Presenting our first ever MYM Writer’s Hangout! Join me Sun Jun 27th, 6:30-8:30pm EDT for a virtual meet up wherein we’ll write (individually), workshop your writing (if you want to), and discuss Big Ideas around writing together. Trust me, it’s gonna be a lot of fun. Plus, it’d be great to talk to you directly, and not just from this one-sided keyboard. RSVP here and I’ll see you there!

And just to demonstrate the power of writers coming together, our second featured piece is a collaboration between several MYM writers giving their perspective on Allah’s Beloved, Muhammad (saw):

#WhoIsMuhammad by MYM Writers

3. Love Is In The Air… (but maybe wear a mask still?)

As we enter a beleaguered wedding season for some, it’s always nice to end on a positive note. Whether you’re years away from marriage, or sailing through its tranquil and turbulent seas (or in any other stage), feel heartened by these cute couples reflecting on what that elusive “married life” is like:

Married Muslims, What Do You Love About Your Spouse? 25 Wholesome Tweets to Brighten Your Day!

And that’s all she wrote. Or he… I mean, me. That’s all I wrote. 

See you at the Writer’s Hangout! Please come (RSVP here). It’d be so much cooler if you were there. 

‘Til then, 

Keep on musing…
– Jawaad

Jawaad Khan was born and raised in sunny South Florida to a family of creatives and Islamic workers. He went on to complete a film degree at the University of Miami, one year of improv classes (which he’s very proud of), and he studied Arabic and Islamic studies at various institutes in Dallas, TX, where he now resides with his wife and cat. He serves on the board and is an editor for Muslim Youth Musings. His debut collection of short stories, titled "No Old Ladies in Jannah" was published in 2023.

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