Life Through a New Lens

Every uncertain moment / Cultivated certainty in Allah
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As life begins to unveil its realities

One at a time so unexpectedly 

When it once felt mundane 

When everyday felt the same

And we could not taste the flavors of change

Yet as one begins to grow 

As we enter into what is known as the “real world”

The people we know slowly turn into strangers

The places we call home become unfamiliar

The streets we take everyday

No longer recognize our faces

The coffee we brew each morning

Becomes bitter to our tongues

When all we know as life

Becomes mysterious and lifeless memories

As we enter into a new chapter of our lives

Mixed with passion and confusion

Experiencing fear with assurance

Spotting new faces everywhere we turn

Walking into strange places

That we slowly begin to call our new home

When life is nothing but chaos

To Him and only Him we turn

As uncertainty begins to creep up

Pushing us, trying to keep us down

We call out to our Creator

The One who knows what our hearts hold

Who is aware of every tear and its cause 

Who needs no medicine to cure our pain

Who needs no words to hear our soul

In all our grief and gloom

We prostrate down to Him

As we pour our hearts away

With certainty that we have found the cure

To our past, present, and future doubts

We begin to taste the fruitfulness of change

It is sour and bitter at its beginnings

Yet sweet and fulfilling when swallowed

For us to get to that sweet spot

We must go through every bitter-sour moment

For those are the times that we change

The times we truly begin to flourish

We find our potential as we find our Lord

We get to know our lost selves

As we gain deeper knowledge about Allah

Truly in those moments

Do we begin to understand

The beauty of Islam 

Of the verse that calls

“For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.”1

For every flower to bloom

It must go through different stages

Only then is it able to spread its aura

To shine its beauty 

Knowing fully that every turn was worth it

Every uncertain moment

Cultivated certainty in Allah

And allowed it to discover its true depth

To experience life through a new lens

1 Qur’an 94:5

Noura Mouradi is pursuing a degree in Healthcare Studies with a minor in Psychology and currently living in Dallas, Texas. She is often found lost in her own world reading, overthinking, or trying to finish that painting she’s been putting off. Noura loves to spend time obsessing over squirrels and nature. Her passion for writing pushed her to join MYM in order to inspire other youth and spread the love of Islam while meeting Muslim writers from across the globe.

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  1. I love how it deals with the topic of uncertainty and the antidote being Allah. It’s a very important point that I really need to remind myself about regularly. Well done!

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