Light & Darkness

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Ponder. Light and Darkness.
Too often I found myself in the absence of light. In a pit of darkness where tears of salt stain down my face.
Blinded, my pupils search.
Heart’s Iris widened in the darkness, looking for presence.
Iman, Islam, Love, Allah.

Ponder. Light and Darkness.
Too often I found myself in the absence of Light. A deep darkness held a hearty position.
Changed my condition – Iman, Islam, Love, Allah.
The waters of Fitra cleanse my soul.
Washed upon these sands, it feels like home.
Stranger to these lands,
I am home-bound.

Searched for my crown in Dunya, I found rusted steel.
It is in Jannah that we are jeweled, found my light in its pursuit.
Remember, there is never a darkness too dark for light.
Allah is Merciful and All Might.
There is no strength He cannot give you, no mercy you could need, beyond His means.
Remember, the journey from the ocean’s floor is met with the comfort of the Sun.
She kisses you on your forehead as you emerge from all you’ve done.
There is no sin too great for repentance. Sign Taubah as your name.

Ponder. Light and Dark.
I remember the mercy of Allah. The light He laid upon my path.
An undeserving servant. Unveiling upon myself the hardships of abandoning my task.
Ya Rabb, forgive my past. Mercy and grace, unpoison my soul.
May You purify me and make me whole.
Strolling in Your direction. You run in my mine.

I am Your servant.
I pray and
I pray and
I pray that I find
I found,
I know no Rahma like Ar-Rahman. No mercy like Islam.

Over and over and over again,
In the absence of light, where not even the darkness can see, Allah found me.
Mercy over and over and over again.
Not even a fraction of such and it knows no end.
So when you find that you are dark and lonely, remember, Allah is the best of friends.

Author’s Note: This poem was born out of hardship and the ease that follows. It is a reminder to myself that Allah never abandons, that life is a journey and purpose is powerful. This is a reflective poem about the power of the spiritual light and dark; and how each serves its own purpose and can be a means of bringing one closer to Allah. It’s a reminder that as the heart hardens it also softens. That as life darkens it also lightens and the journey through it all is just as important as the destination.

Maryam Abdul-Kareem

Though a New York native, Maryam is now navigating the crab-cake loving land of Maryland. Her experiences and interests are as eclectic as her surroundings. She has dabbled in different fields from human rights to Muslim youth organizing. Maryam finds joy in the strong Islamic bonds and meaningful relationships between Muslims, particular Muslim youth, and jumps at any opportunity to facilitate those bonds. She is a lover of film, books, adventure, justice, hot chocolate and has a very real belief in unicorns (don’t judge). Maryam is a writer who believes in the power of art and literature. She joined MYM to be a part of the beautiful movement of Islamic Literature. To lend her ears to learn and grow from fellow writers, her voice to speak from her own unique experiences; and provide a platform for Muslim women, like herself, to see themselves reflected and represented in literature.