Light Upon Light

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This piece is part of the 2017 MYM Ramadan Writing Contest Collection.

Running my fingers over their spines,
I spot adventure, romance, comedy and crime
And amongst their midst, a divine book
Its words so weighty that a mountain would’ve shook
A code of conduct, a moral compass
From science to law – all disciplines encompassed.
This book, is the Qur’an, and in its every page that we turn,
An abundance of spiritual lessons we learn.

We read of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon he,
Who despite torrents of abuse, continued to preach
Submitting himself wholly to the task,
Of calling people to the truth he unmasked.
Our Lord who made cool for Ibrahim (pbuh) the flames of fire
Delivering him from cheap idolatrous desires.
Aiding Nuh (pbuh) with a most beautiful construction,
Saving him and the believers from nature’s destruction.
He raised Musa (pbuh) above Firawn’s twisted plans
By bestowing him the power of the staff to wield in his hands.

So from every story in the Qur’an, we can only admire
The strength He instills within those who aspire
To worship and submit in sincerity entire
Strengthening their iman and quashing lowly desires.

Alas, the deck of this life must surely be dealt
So when adversity befalls us, we must seek of His help.
Pray that our hearts are raised higher in ranks,
Subjugate ourselves and pour out our thanks.
For Judgement Day will be a sea of indeterminable faces
Will our lips be the ones that respired in praises?

He has promised those who keep His guidance in sight
A heavenly abode, light upon light.
Nourishment for the soul, a feast for the eye
Favors of our Lord that we cannot deny.
So if we seek refuge under His eternal shade,
May He inscribe goodness within our life’s every page,
And through it all, comfort lies in knowing that by whatever means,
Our hardship and strife strengthen the pillars of our deen.
So realize that when we struggle with a test,
‘Verily, in the remembrance of Allah, do hearts find rest’ [Qur’an 13:28]

Top 10 Contestant for the 2017 Muslim Youth Musings Ramadan Writing Contest!

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