By the praise of Allah, we have received beautiful, heartfelt messages from our readers and writers about Muslim Youth Musings. Here are some we keep for motivation.

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“The writings have a stimulating appeal and awakens the imagination. The stamp of Islamic perspective does not take away from the subject matter & message of articles.”

– Amina on [Must Visit Sites]: Recommended Websites for Muslim Youth

“SubhanAllah, I am in love with your website and can’t stop having enough of it! The website design is refreshing, nicely color coordinated and pleasant on the eye. Alhamdulillah. May Allah (swt) reward everyone involved in this project unlimited hasanahs! Ameen. Keep up the great work.”

– Nabila

“This is a world you would love to get lost.”

– Huzaifa

“You know, I never really read or kept up with blogs before but Alhumdulillah, MYM is just great, the best I’ve come across. I think its the perfect balance of random everyday “musings” as well as a place to gain genuine Islamic knowledge. I came across this a couple weeks ago and am totally hooked! May Allah (swt) reward you in all that you are doing. =)”

– Ayesha

“Have you guys ever thought about publishing a book with various writers’ pieces (short stories, etc.)? You guys have amazing stuff on here, mashAllah, and I’d buy it in a heartbeat. :)”

– Sundus

“Keep up the writing iA we need islamic inspiration like this iA. I’ll try to find the time and share it with my students :)”

– Marie

“I am without a single doubt that this website has the ample of all required information to make youths take a broad step to make a vital living. May Allah help us. Amin”

– Aleemasson

“Just reading through all these different articles and alhamdulillah they are so understanding, like they are actually life changing!”

– Safiya

“As is common here on MYM, great meaning and lessons are derived from seemingly simple occurrences.”

– Jawaad

“I love the depth and meaningful message within each line. May Allah SWT bless you and everyone else that is part of this phenomenal organization. You all are so creative and this is just another step to even more amazing things!”

– Lilo

“I introduced a friend to this site. Now she’s addicted too. =) MashaAllah, keep up the great work, mym!”

– Rahma

“I find myself addicted to this site too! Sometimes I come back to re-read posts because I learn something new from them everytime!”

– Shahin

“I LOVE THIS SITE! You get such nice and deep reflections on all different topics, all of which can relate almost directly to yourself.”

– Sumaiyah

“Great article and website. Good source for people like me researching Islam.”

– Frank

“I went in two weeks ago for the interview for that [accounting] program. Out of my work experience, my volunteer experience, and the accounting competitions I’ve done – the ONLY question the interviewer asked me about was MYM. I have “MYM Online Literature Blog…” listed from last year. It was seriously the only thing we talked about.

He was an older Asian man who appeared so stoic and brusque…but we spent about an hour talking about creative writing and short fiction. He used to be a creative writing major until he switched to accounting, so he was interested in what I wrote about and why I specifically chose MYM to write for. He wrote short fictions back in his day too, and is pretty big about writing in his Christian community…so I wrote down the website and gave it to him. He told me he’d look through it when he got the chance (he was particularly interested in the short stories and poetry that I mentioned).

Got a call yesterday morning saying that I got into the summer program alhamdulilah, and I have absolutely no doubt it’s because of the creative writing/MYM madness that’s been instilled in me.

And for that, I thank you. You have no idea of the goodness that that website is bringing to people – even in the accounting industry, even from one line of a resume. :) Imagine the barakah from the dawah that will come from the non-Muslims who are checking out that site now, and even the Muslims who are feeling a little lost.”

– N

MYM was the first digital home for my earliest creative work and the first time I felt like I was part of a creative community. Six years later, at my first week at my literal dream job, I was told that my work at MYM was one of the primary reasons they hired me. It’s not often that your first publication ends up being the gateway to brilliant, beautiful things but that was the case for me. How could it have gone any differently when the MYM team has worked so hard to create a website that very genuinely feels full of good intentions and barakah?

– Mariam

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