Mirror of A Believer

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Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Reflecting the past, the treacherous falls,
My soul’s weaknesses pierce your glare,
And reflect again on my own despair.

Trembling and sore, I seek to erase
The failures that are bolded, retraced.
My blood boils, tears well up in my eyes,
My chest constricts as my throat runs dry.

Regret seeps into my aching veins,
As memories of vice leak through the pain.
I stare narrowly as I clench my teeth,
And let out a crippled cry in the face of defeat.

“Forgiveness, mercy,” I plead at His door,
He grants my pleas and so much more.
He covers up every flaw and sin,
And makes the mirror clear again.

The renaissance of a believer’s heart
Is thus no longer disposed to the devils’ darts.
Euphoric contemplations begin to arise.
Mirror, mirror, purified by The Almighty, All-Wise

This piece was written after a session of self-reflection. Many of us go through cycles of iman highs that suddenly drop when we lose hope in ourselves. At times, we persist in doing things that we know we should stay away from. We know that we can do better and often want to, but sometimes, the idea of taming our nafs is the most challenging struggle. In this poem, the mirror symbolizes a believer’s heart– a battleground. After it is flooded with guilt and regret, it is made clear once again through Allah (SWT)’s forgiveness and mercy.

Aysha Samjoo is an active member of her community in Dallas, TX. She is currently teaching at a private collegiate academy. Aysha graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a double major in psychology and child learning & development. She loves people and connecting with others. Although Aysha loves to write in all different styles of literature, her most favorite form of writing is poetry. She writes passionately, expressing her love for Islam in hopes of touching other’s hearts to help herself and others realize the blessings and beauty of the deen. Aysha feels that writing is her way of letting out her inner most thoughts and feelings through symbolism and deep meaning. Aysha certainly loves to let the reader travel in her shoes, to see life through her perception. She dwells in many other activities as well that allow her to use her imagination and compassion for art and humankind, like DIY projects, drawing, painting, volunteering and baking; pretty much anything that involves challenge, teamwork and most importantly creativity. Aysha came to know of MYM through a friend who encouraged her to express her creativity so that all can hear. She quickly took the opportunity into consideration to fulfill her desire to connect with others through her writing.


  1. I love your style, sister Aysha! Masha’Allah – the rhymes were great, descriptions were intense, analogy was on point, and ending was beautifully powerful.
    Great work!

  2. This is the first poem I have read on this site and mashallah it is so beautiful and a true interpretation.

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