Modesty In My Soul

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The law set in life for me to live by,
or a trait instilled by the Most High
Though it’s not something you can easily find

A characteristic to instill,
A duty to fulfill,
Doing the right thing due to Allah’s will

Noticed by my peculiarity,
as I live in a foreign country,
But it’s a positive from of disparity as long as I posses it with sincerity

Modeled by my credence,
powered by my guidance
Led by my resilience against those who wish to find me in its absence

It’s represented in the way I dress,
and the tranquility that I feel in its presence
is a feeling that words cannot express

They view it as oppression,
or a new invention
Its benefits they don’t take into consideration

Only through a course of action can it serve its true function
To acquire it I made an intention,
so leaving it is not an option

It’s a form of Islamic convention,
It leads me in the right direction
They would realize its importance if they would just pay attention

A form of guidance and light for those who seek what is right
Found in the book they recite,
and within them does it incite the strength to fight

Strong faith it does guarantee
in a halal way that sets you free
I wish that you could see the comfort that it gives me

Indecency it does abolish,
Turning your heart into a diamond that doesn’t need polish

Reflected in my behavior with others
Treating them with kindness because we are all brothers

To lower my gaze I was taught-it would protect me from the fire so hot
They say it’s a form of self-suppression, it’s not
It’s my way to heaven, so desperately sought

So I declare with temerity that it leads to prosperity
The result is worth more than gold,
It’s our desires we must control so let us help each other as a whole

Because repetitiously I was told,
these are my values to uphold
It’s the key to my final goal-modesty in my soul


Shahin studies English at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA and Islamic Studies with AlMaghrib Institute and Prophetic Guidance. She enjoys reading, writing, blogging, and learning Arabic. She is in love with words, particularly poetry and likes to think deep about the human condition. An enthusiast for the preservation of traditional languages and the reformation of cultures. Literally learning new things every day, teaching is her passion and her mission. MYM is a platform that allows her to first learn from others' perspectives, and then to use her insight and experiences to benefit others.