Moving Your Heart Towards the Holiest of Books

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This piece is part of the 2017 MYM Ramadan Writing Contest Collection.

when your heart
is breaking,
the shattered pieces
making their way up to your throat,
your voice
is shaking,
as you try
and utter
even a single word;
when your tears
are falling
creating an ocean around you,
your body,
in this
ship of self-doubt.
There are
too many
empty spaces
fixated regret
the water is filling
and you are still breaking.
When your soul
is yearning
and when
you have nowhere else to turn,
when you feel that there is no hope,
when you feel that your sins
are too much
and there is
no forgiveness;
remember that
Allah (SWT) says
“And I am indeed forgiving to him who repents…” [20:82] The Quran
at times
when your weakness
in your faith
is lost in this ocean
of tears
the Quran
this Holy Book,
was brought down
in this blessed month, of
What if I tell you
that it’s fixing my heart
and soul?
And what if I tell you
that this Book
is taking away
the self-doubt,
and sorrow,
that I feel?
And what if I tell you,
that the Holiest of Books
is changing me
in the best of ways?
Would you believe me?
there’s this
sort of connection I have.
Time and time again,
I was told that the Prophet
Peace and blessings be upon him
got the first words
of this Holy Book.
But did I forget
That the Prophet
was shaking,
and all those nights spent in that cave
his heart
was breaking
and he was
constantly questioning
the things
around him.
He needed a way,
needed a guide,
needed someone to turn to.
As do I.
can be your best friend
or your
worst enemy.
In these times,
I have found that
The Quran
becomes my best friend.
I do not understand all the words,
have the knowledge of all the great
but I am learning.
I am on a journey.
And as you stand there,
that there
is no
out of this
turn to the Quran.
Our Lord is near.
I hope,
when your heart is breaking, and your throat is burning,
and when your soul feels empty, and your face
coated in tears,
I hope you remember
to read,
as the Prophet (PBUH) did.
And I hope you remember
that Allah (SWT)
is the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
I hope you remember that
These emotions
Are real and pure.
And that there is an antidote.
Open the Quran.
Read it with all your heart, your soul, your mind.
Let it rejuvenate you.
Let it help you.
Let it guide you.
Let it let you feel at peace
once again.

Top 10 Contestant for the 2017 Muslim Youth Musings Ramadan Writing Contest!

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