My Heart Seeks

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I walk not knowing where I am headed,
What lies in front of me, what path I’ve treaded.
Lost in the midst of a jungle, blinded by lush trees,
The thorns prick my feet, causing them to bleed.

Shall I detour from the trees to see what lies ahead of me?
Or shall I take a different path, and from this jungle be freed?
Or should I make for myself shoes to walk within it safely–
Shoes with soles of patience and heals of piety?

Should I walk alone or hold a hand lest I fall?
And where may I find a hand to get me through it all?
I seek a strong hand – firm and steady
With a resilient heart, fearless and ready.

As my feet bleed, my heart seeks
The One Who hears the words my heart speaks,
The One Who sees me and recompenses all that is gone,
The One Who will guide me as long as I hold on.


We all have moments when we feel like the whole world squeezes down on us, that we’re headed nowhere significant in life. Expectations in all aspects of life sometimes corner us into a wall of despair. However, whether we are physically free to make some decisions in life or not, whether things look like they are going somewhere or nowhere, what’s more important in the end is the bigger picture: As long as you have Allah SWT with you, you can make it through any hardship and learn to be content with the present and hopeful of the future.

Ibn Ata Allah Al-Iskandari once said: “What has he found, he who has lost God? And what has he lost, he who has found God?”


A student, teacher and wanderer; Siman is finishing up her degree at the University of Ottawa, specializing in English Literature and minoring in Environmental Studies. She has a passion for the outdoors, for Qur’aan and of course for poetry. By writing for Muslim Youth Musings, she hopes to share a part of herself through her poetry. She hopes to not only benefit the readers, but bring about a different flair of expression through her writings, wa billahi Tawfeeq.

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