Her Name Meant Mercy

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When I first saw her, I couldn’t yet perceive
That this veiled figure would be the friend of my dreams
Whose existence was hidden from me until the time was right
For the Lord is aware of even a creature’s most silent plights

It was a less than a year since I’d left my home
With tears, I bade farewell and embraced the unknown
The tires of my car spun the memories through my mind
A quiet small town and a spring sunrise left behind

Despite the pain, it was a leap of faith I had to make
For I knew that better things would be lying in wait
But inside of me ever lived a piece of where I came
Something deep I couldn’t shake which always stayed the same

So I felt, I loved, I fell, I cried, and it all happened so fast
Circumstances forced this timid soul to face her fears at last
And though I wondered why some things just didn’t seem right
There was no choice but to have hope and carry on the fight

I was a first time teacher caught up in a frenzy of thoughts
“Did I just do the right thing or was I better off not….?”
I realized that I still had so much to learn about my ABC’s
Academics, behavior, classroom management…all three

In the midst of all this came the news that gave me a little scare
A new team teacher was to join me, but who was she and from where?
Another change and adjustment to tack onto my list
For things to stay the same was a vain and impossible wish

Her name meant mercy, she walked in so calmly and offered me a grin
That one would have never guessed the story hidden within
For she too knew what it was like to leave the things that she held near
But her trust in Allah gave her peace and took away her fear

She came when I needed her most and together we strove and tried
To mend the cracks and patch the holes around us and inside
She saw my many faults glaring like headlights in the night
But she was always there to cover them and help me get things right

She taught me how to plant discipline so learning could bloom
At 1:00 came nap time and together we sat in a dark classroom
Conversing about the day, our families and our lives
She lifted up my sinking heart with soothing words of advice

We became like sisters who had only been separated for a time
I was her companion in a foreign land and likewise she was mine
We had different personalities and came from worlds apart
Yet somehow, together we were a beautiful, complete work of art

I truly feel…
That she was a mercy sent from Allah to reassure me
That this life may be tough but never more than we can bear
And that I will never be forgotten in my sister’s prayers

Aziza, lovingly named after her maternal grandmother, is a part-Indian, part-European Ohioan. With an interest in writing and learning more about her faith of Islam, she found her niche in MYM. She is excited to be able to communicate the cherished feelings in her heart. Through her pieces, she hopes to inspire not only Muslims, but non-Muslims alike.

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  1. isa Abubakar sadiq Reply

    Your Poem is awesome! My pen just lost it’s rhythm….

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