Nature of a Believer

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Have I taken a moment to reflect upon all that is around me?

When did I last watch how the birds fly with their wings spread above?
How they go out in the morning with empty stomachs – and return full.
If that is the state of the bird, then what about me –
balancing the wings of my tawakkul?

When did I stop observing – admiring – the beautiful greenery,
the glimmering rivers, and the vast endless oceans?
They emanate a sense of tranquility – a light which seem to never cease
I wonder: how can I be that glimmer of hope in a dark world? 
Have I developed the stillness and calmness within my own heart?

The mountains are so high in might – have they humbled me?
Have they reminded me of how seemingly small I am in such a big universe?
Of the overwhelming power of the Most Supreme?  
Is my heart soft like the rivers 
Or is it hard like the mountains?

The way the night covers the day and the day covers the night,
the sun, moon, and stars – all in a mesmerizing sight.
Is my heart mesmerized with the love of Allah?
Has it brought me to my knees, 
out of humility, prostrating to the One who deserves all praise?

Have I thought of how He causes vegetation to grow 
with the seeds my own hands sow?
Seasons come and go, and He revives the land that had died
Giving it life once again. 
Have I planted my seeds of iman- firmly in the ground – 
hoping to see the fruits of my labor in the next life? 

Have I looked at the rain that comes down from the clouds?
Sometimes in a storm – other times a soft drizzle.
Growth and nourishment – a blessing in disguise. 
Am I persevering through the storms that come my way – never forgetting He who is always with me? 
Am I a gentle rain, a mercy to others?
Or am I a rumbling storm?

Have I left my footprint behind,
treading on a straight path?
Am I leaving a lasting legacy 
To benefit humanity and myself after I have passed along?

He has created everything with a purpose,
me with a purpose. 
All around nature are signs for me to believe. 
For me to know myself through them. 
For me to seek Allah through them.

Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth 
and the alternation of the day and night 
there are signs for people of reason. (3:190)

Wedad Ghanim currently lives in Dallas, Texas. She developed a passion for spoken word and poetry when she began college and became familiar with it - after finding herself always seeking a poem to read. She enjoys expressing her thoughts and feelings, giving beautiful reminders of Allah and Islam, and sharing words of comfort through poetry. She is currently pursuing a BA in Education (Early Childhood- Grade 6). Other interests of hers include spending time with family and friends, painting, and reading books that allow her to reflect on her spiritual state on a deeper level.


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