On My Way Home

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“All aboard!” the attendant proclaimed,
I checked my map and boarded the train,
This was the route that would ease the pain,
Of suffering and detachment from broken chains

I gathered the little spirit left in me,
Left behind the world, left behind my keys
Made sure to take the window seat
En route to Siraat-ul Mustaqeem…

With the phases of the moon, the train would equate,
The pace was slow, but the route was straight,
Sometimes it paused, and long was the wait,
But the sun only helped me recuperate

I knew I was moving, for my surroundings were anew,
These eyes saw with guidance, what the path meant to construe
Every detail in vicinity, a newborn hue
All led me back to The Creator of the view

I saw, I felt, I reflected, I listened
On my way to my Lord, I toiled, I hastened
A new kind of conscious within me awakened
The journey was worth the land I’d forsaken

As the train rode on, skimming rail after rail,
The path to Him was to my avail
I beamed as the truth before me unveiled
Home was close and His guidance prevailed

“Enter here in peace and security”
My recorded deeds, my only currency
An everlasting dwelling of serenity,
Just me and my Lord forever after in eternity…

Author Notes: It was a warm summer night in Ramadan, and all the believers had left their homes to gather at the masjid to appreciate the word of their Lord. The Sheikh spoke about the ayah from Surah An-Nahl, “Invite to the path of your Lord with wisdom and goodly advice”. He mentioned how Allah ﷻ invites to a path, rather than a destination. Maybe because we are all toiling, hastening towards a path that is open to anyone and everyone who wishes to travel it, and the goal is one and the same: The Creator. As the moon has phases, so do we as believers. Some of us are moving slower than others, and have longer pauses and smaller steps, but what matters is that we are moving with the sun as our constant reminder. And as we move forward on this path to our Lord, we see through new eyes with a heart that beats with iman and greater understanding of our Lord’s words.

This path is Islam, and Allah invites you to reach Him while on it, the Creator of the Heavens and the earth.

Aysha Samjoo is an active member of her community in Dallas, TX. She is currently teaching at a private collegiate academy. Aysha graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a double major in psychology and child learning & development. She loves people and connecting with others. Although Aysha loves to write in all different styles of literature, her most favorite form of writing is poetry. She writes passionately, expressing her love for Islam in hopes of touching other’s hearts to help herself and others realize the blessings and beauty of the deen. Aysha feels that writing is her way of letting out her inner most thoughts and feelings through symbolism and deep meaning. Aysha certainly loves to let the reader travel in her shoes, to see life through her perception. She dwells in many other activities as well that allow her to use her imagination and compassion for art and humankind, like DIY projects, drawing, painting, volunteering and baking; pretty much anything that involves challenge, teamwork and most importantly creativity. Aysha came to know of MYM through a friend who encouraged her to express her creativity so that all can hear. She quickly took the opportunity into consideration to fulfill her desire to connect with others through her writing.


  1. ruqaiyya maryam Reply

    This is really well written.

    It reminds me of a Hadith in Tirmidhi I read,
    The messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “Allah has set forth the following as a parable:
    There is a road that leads straight to the destination. On either side of the road there is a wall in which there are open doors with curtains hanging on them. From the remote end of the road, a voice calls, ‘proceed straight and do not turn aside’. Whenever someone intends to lift a curtain from the door another voice calls from above. ‘Beware! Do not lift the curtain; otherwise you will be lured inside’. The prophet (SAW) explained the parable by saying that the straight path is Islam. The walls are the limits imposed by Allah, the open doors are the things that He has prohibited, the voice which calls from the end of the road is the Quran and the voice which calls from above is Allah’s monitor in the heart of every believer”.


  2. omair shaquib Reply

    this is the first piece i started with on this platform. it sounded amusing and soothing to heart. it, really, was great.

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