Only One Of You

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They say we lack in heroes

Shaytaan says we’re in need of dineros

Not a word, but I know what you are thinking

He’s too much this, not enough that, he’s a weakling

Do you set yourself on automatic mode

They set you aperture and shutter speed, do as you’re told

They say jump and you ask how high

Go buy me lunch so you ask Chinese or tai?

You make excuses for your noble commitment

When in reality you meant to say enslavement

Cant you see there is no good in it

Cant you see there is no benefit

Al that you need is within your grasp

Tear down the chains of your past

We can hear you inside kicking and screaming

Stop and free yourself of all this entertaining

Step up to the plate and don’t be afraid

Be yourself, free and unclaimed

Forget what anyone says you are great

You truly are a blessing at any rate

So pull your chin up and wipe them tears

Here comes the new you, stand clear!!

You don’t need a trophy to be a winner

Or recognition for you to be a great writer

Surely the number of Pulitzer Prize winners are few

But Alhamdulillah Allah blessed us with only one of you

MYM Guests

Occasionally, MYM will publish pieces by guest authors - authors whom the staff members hold in great respect. We encourage you to reflect on their writings and share your thoughts in the comments section!

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