Our Mind is Focused on the End

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Nothing in this world is made to last.

Once the final day comes, we all will be asked,
about every moment we were alive.

What did we do in order to strive?

Was our focus solely on the One
or was our mind thinking of none?

What cause did we fight for
or did we simply float and ignore?

Did we fight our desires
or did we follow all the liars?

Did we fully put in Allah our trust
or have we let our hearts corrupt?

If we assume that the end is far,
then truly, our thoughts are so bizarre.

We never know when our time will arrive,
so let us prepare by praying our five.

Let us give to those in need,
and in every action, we shall succeed.

Our mind is not occupied by this world,
rather we follow the Highest’s word.

We know that every step for His sake,
will surely be no mistake.

For when we truly internalize our goal,
only then do we begin to soar,
into the highest heavens up above,
sitting closely by our beloved,
drinking from his pure hands.

Awaiting the ultimate plans,
to stay in heaven for eternity,
finding ultimate peace internally.

Noura Mouradi is pursuing a degree in Healthcare Studies with a minor in Psychology and currently living in Dallas, Texas. She is often found lost in her own world reading, overthinking, or trying to finish that painting she’s been putting off. Noura loves to spend time obsessing over squirrels and nature. Her passion for writing pushed her to join MYM in order to inspire other youth and spread the love of Islam while meeting Muslim writers from across the globe.


  1. “If we assume that the end is far,
    then truly, our thoughts are so bizarre.”

    This is my favorite part. It so accurately describes the delusion of “we have time”.

    I also liked the references to Islamic concepts like Salah and drinking from Kauthar without actually using the words.

    Well written!

  2. This is beautiful. I love the visuals you’ve painted with your words and the journey we go on, from life to death to afterlife. Much needed reminder written in a heart touching way. Thank you for this.

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