Raise in Prayer

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As our baggage becomes heavier
And our hearts harden
We begin to swivel into darkness
We transform into bodies with lifeless souls
Our eyes stare into eternity
Not seeing a step ahead
Waiting for a calling from the sky

The time has arrived
The Caller has lifted His phone
We stand before Him
Our weakness dragging us
We raise our hands in prayer,
“Allah, You are The Greatest”
No worry, no trial is greater than You
You are the One looking over us
Making sure each step we take
Is for Your sake alone

You take us by the hand
You call us to turn back to You
 You wait for us throughout the day
And we listen to Your calls, oh Allah
We cast away all our worries 
Allowing them to trickle down our bodies
To be absorbed by our prayer mat
As we prostrate down to You
Praising the Highest
As we are in our lowest 
Asking for Your mercy 
As we are shattered into pieces

With each motion
We begin to feel 
Part of us breathing again
Our baggage becomes lighter
Our hearts soften
And our wounds begin to heal

We bear witness of your Oneness 
And that Your beloved is our final messenger
As we send our peace and blessings
Onto the one who brought the message of peace
Who faced the worst of the trials
For the sake of the One

We are his people
Carrying forward the message
Staying firm on the path
We whisper to the angels on our shoulders
Sending them greetings of peace 

In those moments
Our burdens have been lifted
As we watch them float away
As we sink down in relief
The call has been answered
And so we keep waiting
For our call to be returned 
Until we hear the final voice
From the other side of the phone
Greeting us by our beloved names
Calling us to our eternal Home
“Enter it in peace, safe [and secure].”1
May we be amongst them all

1 Quran Al-Hijr:46

Noura Mouradi is pursuing a degree in Healthcare Studies with a minor in Psychology and currently living in Dallas, Texas. She is often found lost in her own world reading, overthinking, or trying to finish that painting she’s been putting off. Noura loves to spend time obsessing over squirrels and nature. Her passion for writing pushed her to join MYM in order to inspire other youth and spread the love of Islam while meeting Muslim writers from across the globe.


  1. Masha’Allah beautiful writing⁩. I like how you spoke on every part of the prayer. Will try to reflect on this the next time I pray insha’Allah.

    “We cast away all our worries
    Allowing them to trickle down our bodies
    To be absorbed by our prayer mat”


  2. Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem, Wow, I appreciate the metaphor of phone you used for our connection with Allah. Your poem reminds me of my poems.

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