Remember That Old Helicopter Game?

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Dear descended soul, I tell you,
—Do not hate the soil.
Plant of the seed
The doing of the deed
Does not mean death decreed

Rather life is replenished underneath
—Learn from the roots,
Darkness soaking light above
Drinking like drops of love
Seed thinking it’s not enough…

Dear high rise, corner office, I ask you,
—Do not jump.
Fly your mind
Perspective, let it find
Between hustle and grind

Rather you are the company you build
—Make friends with the self,
Kindred spirit, singular still
Let emptiness in to its fill
Til alone is the thrill…

Dear level see-saw, I beg you,
—Do not get bored of balance.
Look, all around
High highs, low ground
Peace with gravity, heaven found.

Born and raised in sunny South Florida, Jawaad grew up in an environment of creative expression. Having performed spoken word poetry, written short stories and essays, and created a variety of videos, he joined Muslim Youth Musings as a means of experimenting with his expression, but also to facilitate his fellow young Muslims to express themselves as well. After graduating with a film degree from the University of Miami, he went on to study Islam and the Arabic language at various institutes, and currently, he works to develop creative projects in the field of religious education.


  1. Beautiful. I specially like how you swing between the physical actions and the spiritual/mental ones. Kind of like the see-saw at the end. Love how it balances :)

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