Seeking Peace

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It takes over every part of my soul
Drenching me in endless thought
Silencing my inner voice
Screaming to be let out
To be freed from the shackles
The scream grows louder
So. Very. Loud.

Cannot seem to take control 
Fleeting images blur my vision 
Snippets here and there
Fighting to catch my attention 
Scrolling endlessly
My finger seems numb
Time – it is ticking
Tick tock, tick tock

Minds clothed with covers of uncertainty
Uncertain of the simple and complex
Darkness is all I see
Even with the widest open eyes
My hand moving swiftly
Trying to flip the switch
Off, on, off again

My head spins around me
Clenching it in my trembling hands
What will the future hold,
Will tomorrow make its way inside?
So. Many. Thoughts

Peace, is what I seek
Cleansing my soul with cool oceans gushing through my mind
Freeing my voice to hum as it pleases so softly it makes me slip into daydream
Quietness all around as the world turns silent
I can taste the sweetness in the air like cotton candy swirling around
Jasmine flowers scattered across with their rich and sweet smell filling the air

On my true purpose as I follow the guide by which I breath
Gathering all pieces of my mind to assemble together
I see the target so bright no eyes can miss
With the bow in my left, arrow on my right
Steadily shifting my right arm backwards as I straighten up my form
Bullseye, right on the spot

I say it loud and clear, for all to hear
How can the black turn into gray, slowly making its way into white?
The Word is the same no matter the time frame
The message still echoes its vision from thousands of years ago
People come and go, but the One always remains 

That the sun will shine again and darkness will fade away
That the broken smiles will be sown once again
Trust that what worries me today is in the Hands of The Trustee
Trust that the road will straighten ahead
And what we once thought was forever, will turn out to be a passing dream

Noura Mouradi is pursuing a degree in Healthcare Studies with a minor in Psychology and currently living in Dallas, Texas. She is often found lost in her own world reading, overthinking, or trying to finish that painting she’s been putting off. Noura loves to spend time obsessing over squirrels and nature. Her passion for writing pushed her to join MYM in order to inspire other youth and spread the love of Islam while meeting Muslim writers from across the globe.

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