Reflective essaysstoriesmemoirs, and poems are produced by our staff: Muslim youth musing from the streets of India to the shores of Australia. Since its founding in 2007, MYM has committed to aiding aspiring writers, honing the pens of current writers, and inspiring intellectual discourse for young scholars.

Our Team

Arif KabirEditor-in-Chief
Jawaad Ahmad KhanLiterary Editor
Sumaiyah KhanLiterary Editor
Muhtasham SifaatEditorial Advisor
Abd Al-Baasit KhanReligious Advisor
Asha ColeWriter
Aysha SamjooWriter
Aziza PauffWriter
Bismah IkramWriter
Eman AkhtarWriter
Fatimata ChamWriter
Halah ButtWriter
Ibrahim JimohWriter
Iqra AsadWriter
Maryam Abdul-KareemWriter
Ruqaiyya MaryamWriter
Aamir ShamsiContributor
Faeza AshrafContributor
Muhammad XhemaliContributor
Sarah AnwarContributor
Shaziya BarkatContributor
Zaheen UddinContributor

Our Family Over Time

The following are our deeply appreciated authors, both current and past. The number in parentheses refer to how many pieces they’ve published with MYM.

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  1. I am without a single doubt that this website has the ample of all required information to make youths take a braod step to make  a vital living. May Allah help us. Amin

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