Strange Planet

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My white, astronaut suit
with all of its buttons
yellow, blue, red, purple
green, turquoise, black, white
all for different purposes

from my spaceship,
I wander this strange looking place

The flowers are blue,
green, silver and gray
their roots are as strong as metal,
the lawn made of blue grass
the trees also look blue

As I walk through foreign ground,
the floor of the planet is like quicksand
so I turn on my quicksand shoes and wander
oh, such a beautiful place
Earth would be jealous

Its fragrance somehow leaks into my mask
and I succumb…

So, I rip off my mask to feel this planet’s embrace

wandering through this land,
I put my hand
running it through the flowers
and diving through the grass

it feels wet
anyhow, I move on till I meet
the plains, the forest
such a plain, yet mirrored feel

As I walk upon the plains
it takes miles to reach the ending
it is green, hard and flat like gravel
with a stench of steak
and upon the sight of the sky

A mirrored image…

Now then, it is time to venture into the forest…

So I run
and the planet’s gravity is outweighed by its lightness
so I fly and run quicker
I arrive…

The trees are like the shining metal of an anime movie
their parts glow red
their trunks feel like metal
their roots, smiling and winking at me
popping out as if diamonds

Shocked and unable to utter a word,
I gaze upon the ground
and see myself
futures, pasts, presents, different dimensions

I bring my hand to touch the ground
and it sinks through,
I feel space…
then I bring my hand back up

and as I lay down
and my body sinks through
into the ground
and with my own eyes,

I witness space…

There is movement
but is there…
I feel it,
but do I…

It is as if under this planet,

another reality exists

Zuhair Burmi is no longer a college student. He has been a writer all his life, and is working on ways and projects. In describing his relationship with writing, he says, "Writing does something for me that I can't really explain."


  1. a vivid walk through a strange planet, indeed — I liked the descriptions and especially use of color (reminds me of an exercise folks do where, to ground themselves if they’re having some anxiety, they’ll identify the colors of objects around them — this reminds me of that, especially helping us see the astronaut orient themselves to this planet)

    (inter)stellar poem :)
    (couldn’t resist the pun)

  2. Intoxicating! Felt a little lost until meeting the smiling-winking roots. It’s a marvel what places minds and words can create, and what sentiments they can stir.

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