Sunset Over This Country

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This piece is part of the On Palestine Collection.

skies in purple and pink
and shades of orange
reflect in my eyes
and on the ground
the fallen leaves

much like
the fallen men
of Palestine
embers glowing
from within,
they are not dead
but alive with their Lord

the wind blows
my hijab
a waving flag of faith
visible to the world
carrying the brunt
of their misplaced blame

I am afraid

for what is being done
to our name,
attacks on the innocent
are part of their game

I look across the horizon
at the colors the sun
left in its wake
wondering how we breathe
while this country
lets others suffocate

Sameera Hijazi has loved writing and poetry since she was a child. Born in the States and raised in the UK, her love of English literature has followed her throughout her life. Sameera is currently finishing up her final semester to get her Bachelor’s degree in English Languge and Literature and a minor in Creative Writing focused on Poetry at the University of Maryland, College Park. She also does copywriting for an Islamic nonprofit for a living, and hopes that her writing will be of great benefit to the Muslim Ummah and her path to Jannah.

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